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Please feel free to come and go as you please.
Please tell me if you see any mistakes in the skin so that I can fix it.
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There are No Rules on this board because I know that only nice people will post here.


Little Suggestions if I may:

1) Please do add a personal avatar - Nothing looks worse than someone having the generated avatar.

2) Please think about filling in the fun bits in your profile such as your real name, your flag, and your birthday. If you don't see your flag do let me know and I will add it.

3) It may be a bit confusing to see two places for your birthday, but one is generated by the system and I have set that not to show for anyone but the member him/her self and the other one will show up in the mini profile in posts. It's always nice to know when it's someone's birthday so that we can all wish them a great one.

4) Make sure that if you have a website, board or blog you add the urls to the contact page in the profile so that you can get more visitors. If you have a board/forum on any system you can add it. It doesn't have to be a Forumotion board. All the links you add in that section will show up at the bottom of all of your posts.


Usernames on this board can be changed by going into your "Edit Profile" - Once you have changed your username you will then use the new one to log in with from then on.


Signatures are allowed on this board but I request that you do not display very large images.

Links are fine. Main links to your board, blog or website can be added in your profile under contacts but if you wish to add a link into a specific post on your board or blog please free to do so.


Please be aware that there may be times when I will split your post off to start a new topic.