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Brexit in.......
Think About It
Man wants to live for eternity - but wants to do so without God. Pharmacy, cloning and soon artificial intelligence - Where will it end?
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My Vision Board 563897443_orig My Vision Board
My online vision board | A page to add all my hopes and dreams | I don't think about how I am going to get them or where the money is going to come from | I view my page daily knowing that my dreams will come true

New iPhone7

It's not about how big the house is.

It's how happy the home is.

Love Seat

Friends & Neighbours
I loved Country Dancing when younger and I need to find a group in my area to take it up again.
Having always loved reading The Bible - I need to find a Bible Study Group to join.

Things that I Intend to Do More of or Do Again

Just because I live alone doesn't mean that I can't cook fancy meals once in a while.
Be more sociable with my neighbours.
Do more reading - No room for books? - Use the Library
Take up the knitting needles and get out the sewing machine again.
Start learning the Penny Whistle again ♫♫
Learn German again and join the German Conversation group on site.
Now that I can eat solid food again I need to start eating better.
You can only come to the morning through the shadows. Quote: J.R.R. Tolken