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Paper Planners maybe old fashioned but they are great fun. There is so much more pleasure taking out a pretty planner to make a list, add a phone number or plan one's week then grabbing ones choice of electronic equipment to do the same job. It can be likened to choosing to read and e-book or a physical book, and we all know that there is no comparision to holding a physical book compared to an electronic tablet.

Since the 80s when Filofax first hit society by storm and it became part of the "Yuppy Culture" it's had it's rise, fall and then rise again. The choice of planners today is far wider in styles, colours, patterns, material, and sizes than yesteryear. They are also very versatile in their uses.

The obvious use of course is for an everyday, take with you everywhere, appointments, notes, addresses, information personal type planner that can fit into a handbag.

One of the smaller ones can be used as a purse/wallet to not only carry cash and cards but shopping notes, coupons, receipts, loyalty cards and so on.

A larger A5 or A4 can be used for home making - holding recipes, the family appointments, holiday plans, information, financial information, and much more.

Many people will set one up especially for a Bible study planner, or for a holiday planner and journal. The sky is the limit for whatever you can imagine you could put one to use for.
You might be surprised to know that here is a great culture of planner enthusiasts, hobbists and collectors out there.

You only have to go onto Youtube and search for planners and/or Filofax to see just how wide the passion for planners stretches.

Many decorate their planner pages to such an extent that they are works of art, using paints, crayons or simply stickers and washy tape. Others will find inventive ways to make their own inserts or design, create and laminate custom section dividers.

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It really is fascinating the different ways and means people find to not only use a planner but to customise, create and then share ideas.

Some people even make money out of selling insert downloads or section dividers via the on line shop Etsy and others.
The many roles of Filofax over the years
Engineers Handbook

The concept of the personal organiser originates from Philadelphia (USA) when a Canadian engineer, J C Parker, invented a loose-leaf system to hold engineering data in a small portable binder, replacing over-sized technical handbooks that had become too big to carry. The system, originally called LEFAX became a bible to power plant engineers who could adapt the binders by replacing pages to suit each occasion.

Following the First World War, Filofax organiser usage started to grow amongst military officers. By the Second World War they had become standard issue at the Queens Military Academy, Sandhurst and were a compulsory purchase at the British Army Staff College in Camberley.
Company Lifeline

The forward thinking of one Filofax employee ensured the brand lived on to become the household name it is today. Grace Scurr joined the company between the two world wars as a temporary secretary. As a back up to the office filing system, she listed all the company's supplier and customer details in her Filofax organiser which she took home with her every evening. This foresight proved invaluable when the company premises were destroyed during the Blitz as she was able to rebuild the office from her notes and the company was back in business within days.
80s Status Symbol

Filofax became a symbol of the materialistic, work obsessed 80s. Along with the early mobile phones and fast sports cars, owning a Filofax organiser was a badge of success for hard working career minded people, showing the world you had a life worthy of organisation. City workers and high flying executives typify the users of the era.

A new era dawns and brings a different set of priorities and pressures. Making time became as, if not more, important than making money and taking control of your life became a well-established value. Filofax represented a full and balanced life where you made time for yourself and your family and friends, as well as working and managing day to day chores. Working mothers became advocates, using their organisers to juggle complex lifestyles.