About Me
Sandy Yates

Smiley face I was born in 1948 in Croydon which is just outside of London, and now live in Dorset on the south coast of England with my little Chihuahua Louie in a small studio apartment which is situated in a pleasant retirement complex for the over 60s.

My Immediate and Close Family: I have one Daughter, Sarah, and two Granddaughters, Aimee and Jessica, all of whom live a short 2 miles away from me along the coast. A handful of miles away in the opposite direction lives my Niece and her family and from them around the corner lives my eldest Sister and grown nephew.

Hobbies and Interests: These are many and varied and chop and change as much as the weather depending on my mood and whether it's Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall. I very much enjoy getting out on my tricycle, which also happens to be my only personal mode of trasport - I love visiting stately homes, castles and museums. I enjoy knitting and dressmaking, in fact anything to do with a needle. At the moment I am learning German (again) and also having a go at playing the penny whistle which I find hard, but great fun.

Political Views: I Believe in The Sovereignty of Nations, Free Speech and Brexit. I'm Against this ridiculous Political Correctness indoctrination which I feel not only has ruined my own country but the west as a whole.

Religion: I am a Biblical Christian. Commonly known as a Born Again Christian due to having accepted and received The Holy Spirit. I have no particular afilliation with any specific branch of Christianity.

Additional Information: I frequent Twitter, Gab and occasionally Facebook. I enjoy reading blogs and visit and post on several message boards.