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Man wants to live for eternity - but wants to do so without God. Pharmacy, cloning and soon artificial intelligence - Where will it end?
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My whole life I have been saying that I'm not religious, and I'm not. But I do, and always have believed in God.

Ever since I was quite young I loved the Bible stories. They gave me a great interest in reading the Bible for myself as I got older. Deep inside me I knew that somewhere there had to be some sort of truth in the Bible and I wanted, in my own mind, to figure it all out.

I could not, and never would call myself a Christian because I couldn't come to terms with the resurrection. Yet I could accept the miracles told of in the Bible because they can be explained logically and scientifically by natural causes. I have also been able to accept the miracles of healing that Jesus performed because I myself have had proof of a miraculous healing years ago through my prayer for my dying Sister.

So here you have someone that believes in God, believes the miracles happened, believes Christ existed and could heal, along with believing in the supernatural, of things that happen or exist but can't be explained, and on top of all that not only believing the teaching of Christ but actually try to live them. And still I was denying that I was a Christian.

I needed to get two things straight in my head in my search for a truth that I could whole heartily believe in. One was the the truth behind the resurrection, the second was did God create the miracles.
imageI know that spirit exist and life continues after death. If spirit exist then it's obvious that there is an ultimate spirit. Therefore God exists.

There is no time or space in the spirit realms. No past, present or future. Therefore God knows the beginning and the end. If God knows the beginning and the end, He knows the exact moment a miracle would be needed. He would be able to set in motion at the beginning of time the exact time a vast wind would need to appear to part the sea. He would know the exact time the 10 plagues would be needed. A bright star or meteorite in the sky at the time of the birth of Christ. All natural phenomenon, but it's the timing that is the miracle, not the natural phenomenon.

The resurrection was the hardest of all to get my head around. It just didn’t seem possible. And yet on further investigation I found that the majority of academics, be they atheist, agnostic, or religious all believe that the resurrection is one part of Christianity that can fully be believed. They believe that too many people saw the resurrected Jesus for it to be lies, pure stories or mass hallucination.

One day I found myself on Youtube watching videos of ex-Muslims that had converted to Christianity and giving their testimonies. From there it lead me to fascinating videos of, I suppose one would call them Bible study. I spent hour upon hour over many weeks watching and listening to convert's testimonies and ministers explaining what it means to be Christian and getting a far deeper understanding of the Bible than I was ever able to get after all these years of reading it alone. It truly was all fascinating to listen to.

I've always believed that the Bible is the most amazing book ever written but it's also the hardest book to read and understand. One needs help from those that have spent years studying it and seeking the meaning behind the words. The web has now allowed us to do that without the dogma of religion.
Why is Christianity Dying?


We are now being so brain washed by popularism, that we have become so tolerant of other culture's religions that we are now intolerant of our own Christianity. Hear someone say they are a Muslim, a Buddhist, Jewish, or even a Catholic no one bats an eyelid. Say you are a Christian and eyes are rolled, smirks are seen and you can almost hear, "Oh God here's a religious fanatic".

Experience of Religion:

So many people have grown up with religion playing a big part in the family and those around them. At a certain age they look around and see how hypocritical it all is, and then not only turn their backs on it but may become bitter and angry towards it. Some will become atheist, others will still have deep down spirituality and belief in God, but they can't have a belief in religion in any shape or form.

What is Christianity Not?

Christianity is not the man made laws and dogma that the church demands. It is not the twisting of the words of Jesus to suit the church as the Catholics, Jehovah's witnesses, Mormons and other off shoot Christian denominations have done. In fact not many Christian churches do teach the complete and true word of Jesus Christ. There is no "religion" in the word or the following of Christ.

What is Christianity?

A Christian believes that Christ was The Son of God having received the Holy Spirit of God; as in God in human form. A Christian believes that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. A Christian believes that Jesus was resurrected on the third day and ascended to Heaven 40 days later. A Christian follows the teaching of Christ whether it's convenient or not. Christians believe in the Holy Trinity - The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit all as being The One God.


Some people ask - "Do I have to be Baptized with water to be a Christian" - The answer is No. Why? Because although Jesus Himself asked John the Baptist to baptize Him with water and it was on rising from the water that Christ then received The Holy Spirit of God it is written in several places in the New Testament that Jesus tells us that we must be "Born Again (Baptised) of The Holy Spirit" - This, put simply, happens when one accepts Jesus Christ as our God and Saviour. Baptism with water was for the few short years of Jesus' ministry, and a few years after, purely for the Jews to confirm their return to the Law of God. Once Jesus had ascended to Heaven He created a New Covenant and Testament which doesn't require water baptism.

Do I Have to Follow the Old Testament as well?

Jesus said that He hadn't come to destroy the law or the prophets but to fulfill the laws and the words of the prophets that had already been given. - But at the time he was talking to the Jews. Many of God's old laws do apply to us, the Gentiles, as moral suggestions, but others do not apply. God told the Israelites not to eat pig but he didn't tell the Gentiles not to. God told the Israelites that all males had to be circumcised, but he didn't tell that to the Gentiles. Reading and studying the Bible helps to put the confusion into order.
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