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Man wants to live for eternity - but wants to do so without God. Pharmacy, cloning and soon artificial intelligence - Where will it end?
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When I was a girl we hardly saw a car. We could play marbles and fag cards in the gutters, ride our bikes, tricycles and scooters in the middle of the road, and play touch with all the kids darting here, there and everywhere, along with any other game we could make up.

People would go to work on a bike, tradesmen, policemen, nurses, postmen, would all go about their business on bikes.

Yes, we had thick smog often through fossil fuels being burnt on the open fires in those days, until in the 50s fossil fuel burning was banned. For a while we had much cleaner air. Until that is, the 70s when the motorised industry really took off and even the poorer folk could afford cars, and once again the air we breath was/is polluted. Governments of old were determined to clean up our air. It's a shame that governments of today don't have the same drive.

We as individuals can do a great deal to make all our lives happier, healthier and even wealthier. And we don't need to do anymore than get on our bikes.

By getting on our bikes we will not only be taking one car off the road but the more that cycle, the more we will be filling up the roads and pavements with cycles which inevitably will force governments to build good cycling infrastructure of our own. As cycling infrastructure is built more will be taking to bikes. Within a few years we could have helped, and been part of, removing 40% of cars from the road. That's 40% less congestion for when one simply has to go by car. 40% less CO2 being belted out into the atmosphere. Can you imagine our/your country being cleaner, safer, and more healthy.

Before you leave the house, think, can I do this journey by bike? If the answer is yes, then get the bike out and leave the car behind.
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