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Scientists say that a star goes super nova in our galaxy roughly every 26 years. They can see how many have gone super nova by the remnants left. They have counted the past super novas and have found there have been approximately 250 in the life of our galaxy. 26 years x 250 = 6,500 years - This is the approximate age of the Earth as written in the Bible.

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PostSubject: Simply Profiles   13/03/17, 12:38 pm

Yuku profiles will soon be deleted.  If like me you kept in touch with a lot of Yuku friends via your profile then you will probably miss it.

This Simply Profiles site will hopefully be a good second best for keep track of where all our friends are on the web.

Do make use of all profile features and pages.

Although this site has been set up for mostly profiles, a single forum has also been added for the convenience of any members that might like to use it. Also check the forum out for more information about Simply Profiles.

Once you have registered click to edit your profile by using the link above, or in the dropdown menu on the top right of the navigation bar, to create your own pages. To get your profile link url for adding to signatures and posts click your name in the top right hand of the navigation bar and click to view profile.

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Simply Profiles
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