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 Good Morning

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Sappire Member
Sappire Member

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Cancer Pig

PostSubject: Good Morning   04/02/17, 11:27 am

Good morning. Very windy here and supposed to get even worse.

Figuring out how to get back out of topics on here at the moment without going around the houses. My addled brain will work it out shortly.
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Amethyst Member
Amethyst Member

Name : Becky
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Cancer Dragon

PostSubject: Re: Good Morning   04/02/17, 12:40 pm

Evening . Almost Friday, yay!
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Emerald Member
Emerald Member

Name : Martha
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Pisces Ox

PostSubject: Re: Good Morning   04/02/17, 09:42 pm

Good morning from an early and still dark Perth

It's Friday here and that is always a busy day for me.
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Name : Sandy
Location : Dorset
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Scorpio Rat

PostSubject: Re: Good Morning   05/02/17, 09:52 am

Welcome Wendy,

Piddly day here again.  Mind you we can't really complain because we haven't really had a lot of rain so far this winter.  Well, not down my end of the country anyway.

Ok, I've had a bit of activity today.  Now time for tea and a rest.
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Good Morning
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