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 Hello everyone

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Amethyst Member
Amethyst Member

Name : GERU
Location : Canada
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Aquarius Ox

PostSubject: Hello everyone   22/02/17, 09:56 pm

Hello everyone , I must remember that all this is public ..... lol   . This Island I live on is not all that big ...... Arrow

We are overcast right now , think rain is coming soon,  I am really only learning how to get around on this new website , thanks Sandy for establishing your site here , A place to meet .
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Name : Sandy
Location : Dorset
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Scorpio Rat

PostSubject: Re: Hello everyone   23/02/17, 09:22 am

A warm welcome to you Geru.

My motto for posting on an open message board Geru is, on the whole don't post anything you wouldn't tell your next door neighbour.  

Even on boards that are private or have private rooms you have to be careful because you never know if someone is going to turn on you one day and then start posting elsewhere something you have said.  I've heard some awful stories from people who that has happened to.

On the whole I think it's safer to have an open board then no one gets a false sense of security.
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Emerald Member

Name : Martha
Location : Australia
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Pisces Ox

PostSubject: Hello everyone   23/02/17, 04:31 pm

Welcome to Zan's Zone Geru.
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Hello everyone
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