10 Reasons for the Retired to Bicycle
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 10 Reasons for the Retired to Bicycle

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PostSubject: 10 Reasons for the Retired to Bicycle   07/05/17, 02:12 pm

10 Reasons for the Retired to Bicycle

1)  Saves Money - With oil prices constantly rising, cycling can save significantly on petrol costs. The majority of car journeys are for distances less than 5 miles and could easily be cycled.

2)  Health Benefits
- Cycling not only strengthens our legs but can also dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease,  diabetes and high blood pressure.

3)  Relives Depression - Cycling can be a powerful way to help reduce stress and depression taking our mind off many problems. Exercise releases chemicals such as serontin. Serontin is known to promote a feeling of well being (a natural happy drug).

4)  Freedom - The sense of freedom one gets when on a cycle is amazing.  One can ride a bike in places where one would normally have to park the car and walk.  Riding through parks, along canal paths, narrow country lanes.  Smelling the countryside instead of car fumes.

5)  Quicker Travelling - In towns where the traffic is congested it's often quicker on a cycle than in a car.  Tortoise and the Hare comes to mind with this one.

6)  Keeps Us a Healthy Weight
- One will automatically lose excess weight quicker if one cycles regularly along with keeping a healthy weight stable.

7)  Being Green - There simply can't be any other mode of transport that is 100% green when on the road.

8.)  Less accidents - It's a fact whether we admit it or not as we get older our reflexes get slower.  On a cycle we have much more time to think about any manuver and therefore less stress - we enjoy our trip more.  Very rarely has a cyclist caused a fatal accident.

9)  Anyone Can Cycle - Unless one has a crippling disease that stops one using their limbs then one can cycle.  If one doesn't feel safe on a 2 wheeled bike then there are Tricycles or adult Stabilizers.

10) Great Fun - For recreation only or for a main form of transport cycling is simply great fun.
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10 Reasons for the Retired to Bicycle
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