Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi
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 Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi

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PostSubject: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi   18/05/17, 09:00 am

Because I hate Islam so much and what it is doing to our society in this country, a few months ago I set about researching exactly what Islamists believe (know thy enemy etc).

During my reading up on it I came across a video of the testamony of an ex-Muslim and his journey to Christianity.  I not only found his testamony fascinating but also how in depth he goes into Islamic beliefs.

His journey towards Christianity I found so fascinating that I went out and bought his book that he had been convinced to write.  Today I picked it up in the morning and simply couldn't put it down until I finished it this evening.

He himself was an Ahmadi Muslim.  This sect I have known about for many, many years and it is this sect that we have been living side by side with since the middle 20th century.

We have been living side by side with them with no problem whatsoever simply because they have rejected all the violence within Islam.  Because of this many thousands of them had to leave their homeland, mostly Pakistan, due to persecution by other Muslims as they are considered apostates and fake Muslims and their lives were seriously in danger.  They fled to the west for safety.

On a side note: The Indian leader Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who founded the sect of the Ahmadiyya in 1889 said that, "The time of the sword is at an end and now it is the time of the pen".

Nabeel was born in America but grew up in Scotland and had only known of Islam from the Ahmadi point of view and had absolutely no idea of the true Islam.

At the age of 18 when he went to college he met and roomed with a Christian called David.   Seeing his friend David take out his Bible on the first day they met began a many year discussion between them regarding Christianity and Islam.  They became firm friends.

During the first part of their discussions they dissected the Bible with David proving through history, science and logic the truth of it and trying to show Nabeel the faults in the Islamic beliefs of Christianity.

Still Nabeel held onto his beliefs that Islam was the true path, until David said, we have studied the Bible, now you need to study the Qura'n and the Hadieth in the same way.

Muslims are not taught or told to question any part of their Holy books, instead they learn by word of mouth from their parents and Imams and are from the age of 5 expected to memorise the Qura'n in Arabic even though they have no idea of what it says.  Over 90% of Muslims have never read their Holy books and the same percentage have no idea of the meaning of the words they are speaking when praying in Arabic.

Nabeel took up David's challenge of reading the Qura'n and Hadeith and was destraught to find what he did.  It shocked and apalled him and totally tore him apart when he found out the truth.

He knew from that point that he could no longer continue in Islam and knew he had to give up the struggle against believing in Christ as the Son of God.  He knew that if he left Islam it would tear his parents hearts out.

Here is one of the videos that people have posted of him giving his Testamony.  He starts his testamony at 6.06 if you want to jump passed his general chatter and prayer.

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Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi
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