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 The Lost City of Z

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Name : Sandy
Location : Dorset
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Scorpio Rat

PostSubject: The Lost City of Z   18/05/17, 09:08 am

Several weeks ago Aimee asked me if I would like to go to the cinema on the 17th of this month with her, Sarah and Jess.  Being as how I had just promised myself that I would start getting off my backside and doing something more than playing on the computer day after day, and even though I loath sitting in a cinema I instantly said yes.

The film "The Lost City of Z" when she described it to me sounded right up my street anyway so it wasn't too hard to agree to go.

It was the true story of a chap in the very early 1900s that set out to map the Amazon for the British National Geographic Society.  During his mapping the Amazon he came across a story of a lost, hidden city of an ancient civilisation and it caught his interest.

The film takes us through the next 30 odd years of his three visits to the Amazon in search of this city.

The actual film was very well made, the acting was very good and the costumes etc. were great.  Unfortunately the story was put together so badly that it was frightfully boring.  The only reason I managed to sit through it was because I didn't want to disappoint Aimee after she had gone through the trouble of organising the evening.

On leaving the cinema and discussing the film, it turned out that each of us (not Jess as she ended up not coming) was bored silly and was hoping that the others would admit to being bored and we could have left early.  Unfortunately we had each thought the others were enjoying it so kept our mouths shut.

I can imagine though that if there is a book of his journey that would be far more interesting to read.

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Ruby Member
Ruby Member

Name : Martha
Location : Australia
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Pisces Ox

PostSubject: Re: The Lost City of Z   19/05/17, 11:46 pm

I've heard a few people here tell me the same thing Sandy.

Good on ya for going to the cinema though Smile


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The Lost City of Z
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