Twitter Card Image - Changing
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 Twitter Card Image - Changing

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PostSubject: Twitter Card Image - Changing   01/06/17, 02:19 pm

If you have every posted a link to your board on Twitter, you will notice that it picks up the image of your logo to add to your tweet.

Sometimes the logo/banner isn't what you would choose to post with your tweet.

Below is how to change it so that Twitter will pick up the image of your choice.

1) Create the logo you would like to use instead of your board logo/banner - This needs to be at least 114px x 114px.

2) Then go to Display - Templates - General - Overall_Header

Search for


Then directly under that and after adding the image url you wish to use put...

<meta property="og:image" content="YOUR_IMAGE">

3) Then log into Twitter and go to .... - add your board url and validate your card.

Your image might not show up on there but if you look under the preview of what the card will look like (roughly) you will see if Twitter validates your code.

4) Then try posting a link to one of your posts on Twitter to test that all is working as it should.
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Twitter Card Image - Changing
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