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 Hi Sandy

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PostSubject: Hi Sandy   03/06/17, 05:48 pm

Hi Sandy. This is Presto204. I had to take a peek. I know of at least one other group that has moved here. I am thinking about it.
Which of the forums is this? I have been looking this site over, but not sure which forum to choose.
I want a discussion board, but also want to be able to post You tubes and Pictures. What do you suggested?
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Name : Sandy
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PostSubject: Re: Hi Sandy   03/06/17, 06:24 pm

Oh hiya Patti.  So nice to see you wander over.

This is Forumotion.com.  I am loving it as much as I ever loved Yuku in the very beginning.  And you know how I so used to love Yuku.

What I love about it is, that there is virtually no restriction as to what you can do or add.  We have total access to the html, css and javascript.

We have portal pages, and html pages.

The range of bbcode we can use in the posts is very high and the owner of a board can choose to allow html in posts as well.

I haven't come across a widget or gadget yet that we can't use.

There are two images hosting sites that come with a board.  The best way I can describe that is to liken it to Yuku whereby a member has their galleries where images are hosted on Yuku and then they have their Amazon hosting for the official skins images.

As a forumotion board owner you have galleries on the board (which you have the choice to allow your members to use as well) and you have serimg.com linked to the board via your owner account and linked directly for uploading when making a skin.

Skin making is a little more complicated on here than Yuku because this is built with tables so doesn't have classes.  I am very much enjoying learning to make them though.

You can post youtubes directly into a post the same as you can on Yuku.

As an owner you can add all sorts of things to allow your members to add things themselves to their mini profiles as well as the owner being able to choose things to add that the member can't change.

The other thing that I love about this system is there is only the one advert at the top of the board if you have a free board.

Paying for non-ad is about $20 a year to remove them for members and $40 to remove them for members and guests.  You can also pay separately to have the Forumotion icons and copyright removed which I have done.  It's all so bloody cheap.

If I were you I would create a test board (you can delete it yourself if you don't like it and also change the url yourself if you need to at a later date).  I have forums at the bottom of this board "Admin Settings" and "Tips and Tricks" that might help to give you a start.

Martha also has a board on here - http://spherical.forumotion.com/


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PostSubject: Re: Hi Sandy   05/06/17, 01:04 am

Hi Patti Smile how lovely to see you here! I did see that you registered on my board too so take your time to get familiar with it all and just join in where you feel comfortable doing so.

Coding wise it is very different in that, like Sandy said, we don't have classes but indeed the option otherwise with Forumotion are just fantastic!


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Name : Natalie
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PostSubject: Re: Hi Sandy   13/07/17, 01:05 pm

Hello and welcome.


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Name : Marie
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PostSubject: Re: Hi Sandy   13/07/17, 07:41 pm

Enjoy your stay here Presto!  hug


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Hi Sandy
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