Buying Bits for My New Home

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 Buying Bits for My New Home

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PostSubject: Buying Bits for My New Home   11/07/17, 01:48 am

Ok, perhaps I have too much time on my hands, but I have been spending a bit of time scouring Amazon for bits and pieces that might make my kitchen a bit more efficient.

Tupperware Butter Dishes.  I am going to stop using soft marg and go back to only eating butter.  Fancy butter dishes look really nice but as we in the UK don't keep our butter in the fridge it gets a bit soft and messy around the edges of the dish so I wanted plastic ones that I could use upside down making the bottom the lid.£5.20
A child's toy dustpan and brush for getting in the corners of the bathroom where a large one can't go.£5.20
An over the door hanger for drying clothes.  I already had one which has come in so handy.  Each one holds 5 articles on hangers.£10.99
Caster cups to go under the legs of furniture.  My experience tells me how much easier it is to move furniture around by using these.  I've bought enough for the bed, wardrobes and all the sitting room cabinets and sideboard.  £22.00
Over kitchen door tea towel rail x 2£1.59
Jar and bottle grip opener.  My wrists are so weak now I can't open jars etc without one.  I was forever going next door to ask the chap to open them for me.£2.83
Egg and tomato slicing helper. £5.34
Sink Strainer for Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks x 2 @ 3.99 each.  I didn't need one for the shower as that has one built in.£7.98
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Buying Bits for My New Home
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