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Scientists say that a star goes super nova in our galaxy roughly every 26 years. They can see how many have gone super nova by the remnants left. They have counted the past super novas and have found there have been approximately 250 in the life of our galaxy. 26 years x 250 = 6,500 years - This is the approximate age of the Earth as written in the Bible.

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A warm welcome to my assortment of blog forums.  I realise that not everyone will find them of interest but I do so enjoy posting in them.

Please feel free to leave any general comments in this thread and also to read and post any comments in my blog posts.

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Re: Blog Comments & Guest Book
Post on 18/07/17, 01:48 am by FanOfDorks

I've never ben good at keeping blogs so hats off to you x
Re: Blog Comments & Guest Book
Post on 18/07/17, 10:55 am by Zandranna (Online)
Well, I"m not fussy about posting on a regular basis. I think a lot of people think they have to force themselves to post weekly or whatever. I only post when I really want to share something. Forcing oneself to post takes the pleasure out of it I think.

I wish more people would blog because I love reading other people's blog posts.

I am liking the idea of blogging on a board though rather than on a real blog system.
Re: Blog Comments & Guest Book
Post on 18/07/17, 03:25 pm by Spherical
I've never taken to blogging myself and got bored with it quick.
Re: Blog Comments & Guest Book
Post on 22/07/17, 02:30 am by FanOfDorks
I think its more to do with everytime I tried keeping a diary growing up my mum always found it funny to bust the locks on them 

I coiuld see point if I was a tearaway teen but I was a bit of a loner which annoyed her cause I wasnt like what she classed a normal teen 

Was a weirdo and am proud to still be a weirdo lol.
Re: Blog Comments & Guest Book
Post on 22/07/17, 08:44 am by Zandranna (Online)
Oh dear, that's a shame. 

Yeah, I did notice you were different, rofl.  But then it's the difference that makes life more interesting.

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