Why I Decided to Buy and Own a Reborn Doll
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 Why I Decided to Buy and Own a Reborn Doll

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PostWhy I Decided to Buy and Own a Reborn Doll

At the age of fourteen I discovered the joy of dress making and knitting.  From then on I made as many of my own clothes as possible.   When my Daughter was young I also made many of her clothes, including her very first school tunic.   In those days it was so much cheaper to make ones own clothes.

As the years went on, not only did my Daughter become too old to want to wear home made clothes but also mass produced clothes became so much cheaper than making ones own.  Material became expensive as shop bought clothes becames more affordable.  Somehow I sort of drifted away from dressmaking and knitting, even as a hobby, as I went from working part time to full time.

After many years, and on retiring,  I had the urge to start dressmaking and knitting again.  Making my own clothes would take up too much money and too much space.  Space that in my small retirement flat I just don't have.  So I decided that if I couldn't make my own clothes, as a hobby, I would make dolls clothes.

I obviously needed a doll to make the clothes for, and my idea was to just get a reasonably sized and cheap one.   I set to looking around the web.

After looking around, on and off, for several days I came upon this lovely Sleepy Iris Ashton Drake doll.  Although she was quite a bit more expensive than I thought to pay out for, I liked her so much I ordered her.

I also thought that the fact that she was the size of a new born baby would make it a lot easier for me to find patterns.  Instead of hunting high and low for patterns, both for dressmaking and knitting, for dolls I simply had to buy patterns for babies.  So to me it was logical to buy Iris.

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Why I Decided to Buy and Own a Reborn Doll :: Comments

See this reason for owning a reborn doll to me is sensible.  

My friends twin daughters have 1 each *they are 12 year old so they still play with thiers* but they creep me out lol.

Yes they look cute but they are too real lol
I can really understand the "creepying out" feeling that people get, and believe me you do get some very strange people within the reborn set of collectors. But also you get those that just love the making of them.

I personally would love to have the talent for making their hair. Some of the rooting that some women do is amazing. And the patience it must take doesn't bear thinking about. I might one day get a cheap second had doll from a junk shop, rip out the glued on hair, if it has any, and then try learning to root myself.

I have never been able to paint so I wouldn't even attempt to have a go at painting a doll. One has to be a real artist for that one.

I'm in the middle, at the moment, of knitting a rather nice 3 piece Coat, Bonnet and Pants set. If it turns out ok, I will probably sell it on my Etsy shop. It's the making of the clothes that I enjoy.
I have a friend who owns a few but hers sit on a shelf in her room which is fine.

She has been warned the day she puts one in a pram and takes it outside I will disown her lol.
Hahaha.  I fully understand that.

Mine comes out of her box for me to try the clothes on as I am making them, and then when I take a photo of her wearing them.  Other than that she is in kept a box under my bed. 

Although when I move I might have her as an ornement on my bed or on a shelf with the two teddy bears that my each of my Granddaughters bought me a while back.  She will either make a talking point or my neighbours will think I'm crazy.
lol my daughter wants one to take out in a pram but shes about to start high school so Im trying to steer her away from the doll and pram thing.
That would make her eleven or twelve?

I certainly wouldn't stop her having a doll but I would definitely say no to taking it out in a pram at that age.

Why I Decided to Buy and Own a Reborn Doll

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