Ashton Drake Dolls
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 Ashton Drake Dolls

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PostAshton Drake Dolls

Those that create, buy and collect what are known as re-born dolls will emphatically tell us that Ashton Drake dolls are not only not re-born dolls but also are of shoddy quality and to steer clear of them.

It's true - Ashton Drake "Truly Real" dolls are not genuine re-born dolls.  They are however of good quality, which I will get back to in a moment.

The original and genuine re-born doll is exactly what it says.  They were/are old dolls taken and had all the old paint and colouring stripped from them down to the bare vinyl and artistically re-coloured and re-painted to look as near as a real baby as possible.  Old glued and badly applied hair is also removed and strand by strand individual hair is manually rooted into the doll's head mostly using mohair or even real hair.  Old vinyl bodies have been replace with soft material and stuffed to give a baby feel.

As the hobby has grown and more and more women are beginning to own the dolls, there have been doll kits created and sold.  These come factory made with head, limbs and a soft material body ready for painting and stuffing.  These are now what are mostly bought and sold as re-borns.

Many women have taken up the hobby of creating re-born dolls and due to the time taken to make them, along with the artistic talent of painting and pains takingly adding the hair, the dolls come at very high prices.

Some are worked on by very artistic women and their dolls are amazing.  Others are created by women that believe they have the talent and are proud of their work, but often their dolls will turn out very badly and very ugly.  So if you ever want to buy a re-born doll, make sure you see the doll in the flesh so to speak before parting with your money or at least get a money back if not satisfied guarantee.

Getting back to Ashton Drake "Truly Real" dolls.  Although very expensive as a toy they are very reasonably priced as a substitute for a genuine re-born doll if you can't afford to buy the genuine article.

They are well made and well painted.  They are however a bit stiff when brand new and it takes a little bit of handling before they loosen up a bit and start to feel more like a real baby.  I personally find that the Ashton Drake baby dolls faces are rather beautiful and often more so than some of the re-born dolls I personally have seen in the flesh.  This of course is down to the artists.  If someone has created a re-born doll without a lot of artistic talent then it just looks like an ugly doll.

Ashton Drake dolls are hand painted by various artists but the heating of them between coats and the adding of hair is all done under factory settings.

The hair on the Ashton Drake dolls is no better nor any worse than many other mass produced doll, and they do add a little glue to keep it in place.  I was very disappointed with the hair.  But with bands and hats and such it's not a massive problem.

Ashton Drake Truly Real doll hair

Beautifully hand rooted hair by

My doll's hair became very shaggy looking and totally uncontrollable and ugly, so I cured that by brushing it all down flat, then putting a baby wet wipe on the head that was covered and held down tight with the hair net the doll came with.  By the time the wet wipe had dried the hair once again lays flat as it should.

Would I buy another Ashton Drake Truly Real?  Yes I would.  But equally if a beautiful and well hand made re-born was to be found I would buy one of those, as I really am enjoying owning a doll.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a really nice genuine re-born one yet.

So if for some reason you can't find, or can't afford, a genuine re-born doll then an Ashton Drake is a very good second best.
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Ashton Drake Dolls

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