Contradictions in The Bible
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Scientists say that a star goes super nova in our galaxy roughly every 26 years. They can see how many have gone super nova by the remnants left. They have counted the past super novas and have found there have been approximately 250 in the life of our galaxy. 26 years x 250 = 6,500 years - This is the approximate age of the Earth as written in the Bible.

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 Contradictions in The Bible

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PostSubject: Contradictions in The Bible   23/07/17, 09:14 am

One of the first things atheists come out with in a theological argument is that the Bible is full of contradictions, which I personally have never believed.

But I have never been aware of all of the accused contraditions and therefore I found the second half of this lecture very enlightening.

The second half starts at about 38 minutes in which is where he starts covering the so called contradictions.

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Contradictions in The Bible
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