Many Scientists and Teachers are Being Persecuted
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 Many Scientists and Teachers are Being Persecuted

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Name : Sandy
Location : Dorset
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PostSubject: Many Scientists and Teachers are Being Persecuted   24/07/17, 09:52 am

If I were to write this as a normal post it would get very involved and long so I thought it best to write it as a sort of list.

1) 55% of Scientists believe in the theory of Evolution.

2) 45% of Scientists believe in the theory of Creationism.

As more and more proof is coming to light regarding man's time on the earth, the age of the earth, the age and how the universe may have come into being, more Scientists are changing their minds and leaning towards creationism.

1)  Scientists and archaeologists are given massive government grants to prove the theory of Evolution.

2)  Archaeologists have been faking findings by joining human and monkey bones together to try to prove the missing link just as their funding has about to run out.  These have ended up as fact in the text books. To name just two - Piltdown man and Lucy.  Both of these and more have been proven as fake.

As a set of skeletons have been proven as fake, museums have refused to take them off of show and are therefore encouraging the belief that they are close to proving the missing link.

3)  As mistakes are found school text books are not being changed and there have been many cases of teachers in many countries getting sacked for pointing out the mistakes in the text books to children.  Not teaching creationism but simply for giving the students the up to date findings.

4)  Many more teachers can't even find employment as teachers if they are found to be active Christians.

5)  Many scientists and archaeologist set out to prove evolution and their finding instead prove creationism but when they come back with the findings they are sacked, lose their funding and ostracised.  In other words, silenced.

6) Any findings of a scientist or archaeologist that in anyway leads away from proof of Evolution and towards Creationism is not allow to be printed as an official scientific paper.  That scientist or archaeologist will not only loose all funding but will then be ostracised and from then on find it hard to get a job.  Any hard piece of evidence is taken to the Smithsonian and hidden away.

7)  Catch 22 - Creationism is jeered at because no scientific papers have been printed about proof of findings yet no papers are allowed to be printed.

8)  There is no law or no court that has said that creationism can't be taught in schools but it mustn't be a mandatory subject,  yet if a teacher even hints that evolution is only a theory and not fact, they will be sacked and unemployable.

9)  Evolution is being taught from infancy in schools as certain fact and not just theory. 

Now for just a few facts out of hundreds that they don't teach or that they keep hidden, just to give you a taste of what they are lying about or encouraging us not to know.

1) Monkey skeletons were found in a cave with all of their heads smashed in and hand made stone age tools around them.

Explanation:  These could be the missing link between man and ape because the monkeys had learned to make and use tools.

Omitted:  Human bones had also been found in the same cave and even today there are tribes that eat monkeys and especially monkey brains.  The heads of the monkeys are bashed in to get to the brains.

2)  Stars are seen to be dying at a rate of 30 a year.  No one has ever seen a new star being born.  New stars being born is only a theory.  If stars are dying at such a rate and none are being born (which is logical if we came from a big bang as we are lead to believe) how come if the earth is billions of years old there are still so many stars?

Fact:  The universe simply can't be nearly as old as they are leading us to believe. 

3)  Due to erosion and water dragging salt from the earth by rivers into the sea, the sea is getting 3% saltier every year.  How come if after billions of years the sea is still not, as the dead sea is, so salty that nothing lives in it.

Fact:  The earth can't be nearly as old as we are lead to believe.

4)  Each year the moon moves 2 inches away from the earth.  If the moon has been circling the earth, as they say, for billions of years, how close to us was it in the beginning and why is it not further away than it is now?  If it had been even 50% closer the pull of gravity between them would have drawn them together.  That's without the affect it would have had on the water on our planet.

Fact:  The moon simply can't have been circling us for millions of years.

5)  Many scientists, archaeologists, and geologists have proven now that approximately 4400 years ago something happened to cause a world wide flood.  This flood would have caused mountains to rise and and valleys under the sea to come into being.  As mountains rose and sea became deeper this would have separated the lands and caused  the continental plates.

Fact:  Not taught and not recorded or papers written because it leans towards the story of Noah's Ark being true thereby leading people to think and investigate creationism as a possiblility.  Despite the fact that most cultures throughout the world including China, have stories of a world wide flood and of 8 people only surviving.  Each culture gives a different name (in their own language) to the man that built the Ark but the story is exactly the same.

I could write a massive list of lies given to us and information being kept from us, but you get the idea.

Why are they wanting us to believe evolution as fact?

Evolutionists and the powers that be want to eventually get the world population down to half a billion.  Because they believe in evolution they also believe that some humans, such as the Aborigines, the Blacks, the Jews, etc are sub-human and shouldn't exist.  They believe many races are still closer to apes than others.

The theory of evolution lead to Hitler, Stalin, Hideki Tojo, and many more killing millions of people simply because of the absolute belief they weren't pure humans but closer to animals than humans.

Every so often wars are deliberately started somewhere on the planet to reduce the population and gain more control.

Since evolution has been mandatorily taught in our schools from the 60s, crime, sexual diseases, abortions, unmarried mothers, young suicides, promiscuity, paedophilia, and goodness knows what else has risen by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of percent.

Generations now are being lead to believe that some are of purer races and some are of less.  They are taught that life on this planet is all they have so make the most of it and put yourself first before all others.

Creationism leads to order, morals, rules and contentment.  Evolutionism leads to immorality and chaos.

Once there is enough chaos governments can bring in their New World Order with no objection by the people as they will see it as bringing order from the chaos they simply can't tolerate anymore.

Think about it.  The LGBT have now got so strong that we are being forced to believe all that is normal - Same sex marriages - Paedophiles fighting to have paedophilia legally classed as a sexual preference and thereby protected.  Some countries are already lowering the age of consent down to 12.  Turkey for one.  And we dare not say anything about it for fear of being taken to court and being criminalised.

In some states in America they have the right to take children away from any parents that teach their children Christianity.  They want to control us, have the bringing up of our children, control our health, control the banks, control our beliefs and have a single world order, and even a single world religion.

I think people really need to think long and hard about what our society has come to and where it is going in the future.

Our world has got foul, disgusting, and violent, and we are keeping our mouths shut about it due to the names we are called if we disagree with any so called minority or because we think it isn't affecting us directly.

Evolution is a theory not a fact.  It's no different from any other religion.  The belief in evolution brought eugenics to every country in the west and we know where that lead and believe me that still isn't dead in the minds of many.  Evolution is racist like you wouldn't believe.

People need to start thinking for themselves and question what they have been programmed to believe.

If you look for the truth and for absolute facts, you will find more truth leading towards creationism than there ever is towards evolution.  Evolution would have you believe that your ultimate grandfather and grandmother came from a rock, and from there to some sort of slime soup and so on, rather than an intelligent designer.

Think about it.  Which sounds more ridiculous?

Dr. Karl Pooer- leading philosopher of science wrote:
“Evolution is not a fact.  Evolution doesn’t even qualify as a theory or as a hypothesis.  It is a metaphysical research programme, and it is not really testable science.”
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Amber Member
Amber Member

Name : Sabrina
Posts : 12
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PostSubject: Re: Many Scientists and Teachers are Being Persecuted   24/07/17, 07:29 pm

I'm sorry but I just could not read all of that. Much too long.

But, I'm sorry, evolution has been proven. There is no missing link because we were never monkey. We came from another branch of primate tree and are simply closely related. But we know that all things evolve and change. They have to in order to survive. There is no other way.

Most true scientists who also believe in god(s) tend to lean towards intelligent design. This believe combines creationism with evolution. Meaning that they believe in a creator of all and believe that evolution is a product of the design the creator intended.

Believe what you want. I know I don't have a robust enough science background to dispute if bones or other findings were faked or to explain the way the moon is (according to science it actually collided with Earth before it started orbiting). 

I really don't know where you got all of your information from, but if it came from the person you are quoting at the end, a philosopher of science is not a scientist. And Evolution is as much a fact as gravity is.
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Name : Sandy
Location : Dorset
Posts : 1445
Kudos : 131
Mood : Looking forward to Christmas
Birthday : 1st Nov

PostSubject: Re: Many Scientists and Teachers are Being Persecuted   24/07/17, 11:45 pm

The only bit of that particular chap's work that I have quoted at the end is that actual quote, which amused me, which is why I threw it in at the end.

You are so very wrong Sabs.  Any and all, be they evolutionist, creationists or gap theory evolutionists, atheists, or whatever, will all tell you that evolution is only a theory.  It is called the "Theory" of Evolution.  A belief system.  A theory means that it has never been proven.  The only part of evolution that can be proved and we would all agree with is micro-evolution.  Meaning that most animals will adapt physically to changes in their enviroment in order for their kind to survive.  And even that isn't evolution, and the term of micro-evolution is misleading.  They use micro-evolution to argue the point for macro-evolution, chemical evolution, cosmic evolution, stellar evolution and organic evolution.  All of the theories of the last five have yet to be proved.

If evolution had been proved vast amounts of grants wouldn't still be given out to various scientific fields to do their damnest to prove it.  Heck! a fortune is spent on NASA trying to prove (find) the origin of the universe.

You have just proved the whole point of my original post.  The education system since the 60s has not been teaching our children to think for themselves by giving them all options and theories.  They have been teaching evolution as a fact.  That's called programming.  Evolution as a fact is a lie.  Not one smiggen of proof has been found.

As for some people that believe in a creator and at the same time do their damnedest to fit in the theory of evolution along side it, this is called the gap theory and for me simply doesn't work.

For instance, some will say that the Bible doesn't mean that God created the world in a literal 6 day period as we know a day to mean but that a day means a passage of time in the Bible.  That it doesn't mean that God literally created Adam and Eve on the 6th day, but that it's metaphorical for the primordial soup and evolution.  When I was younger I tended towards that belief myself.

There is now such a thing as a Gap Theory Bible whereby it's been changed to use words like "And the evening and the morning" to "time passed".  Just as there is now a Gay Bible, whereby all mention of "man not laying with man" and "woman not laying with woman" have been totally omitted.

I personally don't care what people believe or not believe.  Neither do I care if someone is homosexual, transgender, or whatever.  But don't change the Bible to suit.  Don't make out that God said that he designed the world over millions of years when God's words says he didn't.  Don't make out God said homosexuality is normal and acceptable to all when in the Bible God clearly said in his eyes it's not. 

Either the Bible is literal or it's a total pack of fairy stories and myths from beginning to end.  No intelligent creator would create the universe, the earth, the primordial soup in such a messy way just to finally create life.

It just shows how bad the world has got now that even the written word of the Bible is being changed to match up with the theory of evolution and of homosexuality.  Words that are supposed to have come direct from God and from Christ and for thousands of years have never been changed.

I don't think we should pick and choose which of God's words we are going to believe and then either ignore some or change them to suit.  Far too many people, including the churches make up the rules to suit themselves.

If we want to believe that the Theory of Evolution makes more sense to us than an intelligent designer then that's perfectly fine.  Each of us is entitled to believe what we want. But lies shouldn't be being taught to our children by it being taught as a scientific fact when it's still a theory.  And proof of what could be intelligent design should not be hidden away and people lose their jobs because of their discoveries or beliefs.

I also don't get where you are getting your information from that most "true" scientists that believe in God also believe in the gap theory.   Are you saying that all scientist believe in evolution?  Because if you are you are very wrong.  I could give a list a mile long of scientists past and present (including their special fields) that are creationalists.

As I said in my lead post.  45% of scientists do not believe in the theory of evolution.

Btw, as a foot note.  Not a single person on earth can yet explain or understand exactly what gravity is.  As far as gravity goes we can only know it exists because we don't all spin off this world that is spinning at a thousand miles an hour.   There are some fascinating experiments going on all over the world to figure out exactly what it is and how it works.  Unless someone figures out a better explanation as to why we don't fall off the earth we have to believe it.

Mind you.  I suppose we could always believe the Flat Earth theory.  Now that's a another interesting subject.

Don't you just love science.  I know I do.


Quote:  "The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people" Stephen Hawking.
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PostSubject: Re: Many Scientists and Teachers are Being Persecuted   

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Many Scientists and Teachers are Being Persecuted
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