Community Search - Adding your Board to it
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 Community Search - Adding your Board to it

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PostSubject: Community Search - Adding your Board to it   23/09/17, 12:38 pm

Forumotion have a great search engine for boards and it might be worth making sure you are on it in as many pages as possible.

Go to Admin - General - Forum Promotion - Search Engines

On this page add a good introductory Site Description, and then add as many tag words as you possibley can. All your tag words will be picked up by the Forumotion search pages tagged.

You might also like to add a link in the footer of your board into the search engine.

If so - Go to Admin - Modules - Footer Links - Configuration.

Click the green cross to create a new link.
To boxes 1,2 and 3 add something like Community Search

For the url you will need Plus a tag word.

For mine I added my board url name so it looks like this

You can add any tag word on the end that is relavant to your board be it one of your own tag words or the name of your board. It's up to you.

Open in a new window = YES - this is so that going to the search engine doesn't take people away from your own board.

Click to save and the link will appear at the bottom of your board.


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Community Search - Adding your Board to it
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