Barcelona 1st October
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 Barcelona 1st October

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PostBarcelona 1st October

I'm just sitting here watching the news over in Barcelona.  The Spanish Government are making themselves look stupid.

Although it's an illegal vote it has been a peaceful one.  Stopping it with such force is just proving how much they must be terrified of what the outcome of the vote would be.

They should just have let it go ahead and then ignored it.


Quote:  "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance" - Albert Einstein
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Barcelona 1st October :: Comments

Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 01/10/17, 02:27 pm by Zandranna
The police are being so violent in Barcelonia that the images are too bad to show on our news reports.

Firemen using themselves as shields to protect the voters from the violence of the police.....
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 02/10/17, 09:38 am by Whisper
They do seem to have been excessively heavy handed from what I've seen. If you compare the situation to the Scottish Independence Vote there's a marked contrast. Granted their vote is illegal but like you say that simply means the government can ignore the result. To my mind all they've done is generate sympathy for Catalans.
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 02/10/17, 10:59 am by Zandranna
Some of the videos over on Twitter are so horrendous that I just can't watch them, I'm having to scan passed them after just a few seconds in.

One young woman we watched being picked up and literally thrown down a handful of concrete stairs.  4 or 5 police then surounded her, while some used their hands to sexually assult her another one broke everyone on of her fingers on her right hand one by one while they all laughed.

Believe me there was even worse than that going on as well.

The Catalan Firemen in some places were using themselves as a human shield to protect the people from the Spanish police and in one town the Catalan police put themselves between the people and the Spanish police.

These people were simply just like you and me, queuing up to vote.  Families, people with dogs, the very elderly and so on.  No one expected Spanish police vans to suddenly pull up, rush into the queues and start beating people as they did.

Obviously the media in all countries aren't showing the real horror but the international observers have gone in today and one has already on record and on video has said he is shocked.

Spain will have to face questions in the European Union - Article 7 of the European Union Treaty states "Suspension of any Member State that uses military force on its own population".

The International Observers have gone in today and already one has quoted on video that he is shocked at what has occured. The IOs were also shocked at the welcome they received from the people.  People lined the streets clapping them as they walked passed.

Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 03/10/17, 12:26 am by Spherical
I've missed all this and haven't watched tv for days.
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 03/10/17, 03:25 am by Elaine
I didn't see any of that either. It is probably overshadowed by the news stories about the Las Vegas mass shooting, the Edmonton terrorist attack  & the death of Tom Petty. Maybe they will get to this story tonight.
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 03/10/17, 09:37 am by Zandranna
Well, once again the actual media in all countries have been playing it down or just ignoring it.  Those that are reporting it are using words like "protesters" instead of "voters".  And one of our newspapers showed the line of firemen protecting the people from the Spanish police and reported it as "Firemen helping to push back the crowds"

It's bloody disgusting.  Unless one actually sees the videos that are showing what is really happening, people are going to believe their papers.

But you can imagine just how bad it was for the International Observers to have been sent in.

Those Spanish police marched in like an agressive invading army.  I've never in my life seen anything so barbaric.  It was simply agressive martial law on the streets.

This is why I like to go to Twitter for my news.  It's real news being posted by the people as it's happening.  It can't be faked.
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 05/10/17, 03:19 am by Spherical
I have been to Spain quiet a few times and can honestly say that no one messes with their police! That was one thing I was very wary of after my first holiday there Sandy and this was in the late 70s/early 80s so not much has changed by the sounds of it.

I agree though that most of the news outlets only report what suits their agenda and for this reason do I follow certain people only. The same goes when it comes to other reporting such as Hurricanes etc. I follow the people that actually do the weather chases.
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 05/10/17, 09:12 am by Zandranna
What I hadn't realised was that because trouble from the Spanish government was expected Amnesty International were actually already in Bacelona for the voting, so 2 or 3 witnessed the violence from the National Guard first hand.

This is reporting some of what they found.
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 05/10/17, 01:06 pm by Whisper
I'll be very interested to see whether anything is actually done about it.
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 05/10/17, 02:55 pm by Zandranna
So will I. I'm keeping my eye on any updates, but if anything is done about it, it will take months to go through the system.

However, it does look as if Catalan will be declaring it's independence within the next few days. This is more important regarding the breaking up of the EU than ever Brexit would be.

Spain will do everything in their power to keep Catalan part of Spain because it brings in so much money into the Spanish economy.
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 05/10/17, 09:25 pm by Zandranna
This is getting worse.

Spanish court blocks Catalan parliament from declaring independence
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 06/10/17, 01:08 pm by Whisper
I saw that yesterday but haven't had chance to catch up on news yet today..
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 06/10/17, 07:36 pm by Guest
I have not heard of this either  , bigger things are overshadowing it over here I guess . But never the less it's not good  .  I have not paid attention to world news to much lately .   voting   should have been done more  discretely , not in  public view , and under a smoke screen  , and no talking about it either  . Be hard to do I guess .
Establishments get Unionized this way , it works if done right .
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 06/10/17, 10:58 pm by Zandranna
Catalona Geru is a country within a country, just as Scotland and Wales are separate countries but are also part of the UK.  They have their own parliment and their own police force and so on.  Catalonians even speak their own language and not spanish.

A couple of years ago Scotland had a referendum to become separate from the UK.  As it happens the vote turned out that the majority wanted to stay with us.  This vote in Catalona was exactly the same in Spain.  The difference was that Spain refused to let the Catalonians have a referendum and denounced it as illegal.  The Catalonion parliment went ahead with it anyway.

To stop it would have been like the EU stopping us Brits from having our referendum that we had to leave the EU, and sending in a European army to beat us when we were queuing up to vote.

Now instead of Spain just letting them get on with the voting and then ignoring it.  They sent in the National Guard to beat the Catalonians down and to take the voting boxes away.  The whole thing was brutal.

The Spanish also now have their army camped just outside Catalonia ready to be sent in if the Catalonians declare independance.
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 27/10/17, 06:29 pm by Zandranna
Catalonia has officially declared independence.

Spain was preparing to seize Catalonia by force and suspend its democracy.  But it seems the Catalans managed to get the vote through their parlament before this happened.
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 28/10/17, 11:54 am by Whisper
Spain has taken over the Catalan government now though.
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 28/10/17, 12:02 pm by Zandranna
Bugger. I need to get back on Twitter to find out first hand what's happening.

The last I heard was that Finland may recognise them as an independent Nation. So might Argentina and also I think Scotland are going to discuss it too.

Teresa May is back Spain all the way it seems.

But then I think maybe that's because she is in the middle of Brexit negotiations and doesn't want to rock the boat.

The Catalans are in a very difficult position because Spain will not recognise anything they do as legal. They can't even have a legal referendum. It's ridiculous.
Re: Barcelona 1st October
Post on 28/10/17, 05:22 pm by Zandranna
The UN Human Rights Councils speaks out about Spain's actions on Catalonia
Asks for a reversal of the 155 reaction
Re: Barcelona 1st October
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Barcelona 1st October

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