Kerry Kirk's NDE
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 Kerry Kirk's NDE

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PostSubject: Kerry Kirk's NDE   21/10/17, 03:52 pm

Kerry Kirk is a lesbian who corresponded with Kevin Williams and described her near-death experience. This experience appears in Mr. Williams' book, Nothing Better Than Death.
The following happened to me during the summer of 1981. I was nineteen at the time. It was a time in my life when I had pretty much decided that there could be no God, no great being in control of the world around me. If there were, he wasn't doing a very good job. I didn't realize it at the time, but once I had made this "decision" I started going downhill. I became selfish. That is self-centered but not very self-concerned.

I should mention that I had been having episodes of tachycardia for several years. I was never diagnosed (up to that point) with any kind of heart defect. Had I been asked, I would have denied any problems with my heart. I thought it was very normal to get light headed and almost pass out during periods when my heart would race. Duh.

One evening I was in the back seat of a car traveling to San Francisco from Los Angeles. All of a sudden my heart began to race and the nausea hit. Next everything started spinning and I could see lots of colors. Then I had a sense of blackness come over me. Like a dark damp cloud. I was terrified. I have never been so scared. In my fear I said, "Jesus."

Immediately I witnessed a fight. It seemed there was a battle between a being in white/light and this blackness. Immediately following, the light overtook the darkness.

"I found myself on my face in worship in front of this Being of Light. I felt a warmth, the most intense love filled me. It was an energy that penetrated every fiber of my being. I had never felt such a complete and total love. That unconditional love I hear many talk about.

I know there was conversation between us but I can not remember what was said. I feel like it was a time of healing for me, kind of a regeneration if you will.

In the next instant, I was floating above the car moving down the highway looking at myself in the back seat. I knew it was me sitting there, and yet I was up here. I wasn't afraid or confused. Everything was as it should be.

There was someone there to my left. I don't think it was the same being that I had just been with. He (I had a sense it was a he) seemed to be in a white robe or something. Funny, I never really looked at him. His identity didn't seem to be important. I think he was there to guide me. I didn't make myself go, it was more like he took me or led me.

We began moving through space. I was aware of that because the stars and planets were passing very quickly. It was very exciting, I felt so free.

The order of the next [series of episodes] I am unsure of. I know each was a distinct episode, but it is hard for me to put them in an order or time frame.

The next thing I knew there was a white "room." I can't say it had walls but it seemed to be somewhat enclosed. Maybe its boundaries extended to the edge of the light that filled it and that is why I call it a room. There was a man in a white robe behind a podium with a book on it. I knew it was the book of life from the Bible.
I remember thinking, "Uh oh, that stuff was for real."
I suddenly realized that the "God" I had been presented wasn't anything like the reality. I saw that it doesn't matter if you call him God, Allah, Great Spirit or whatever, he is the same thing.

The different religions just have different ways of explaining the same Creator. I also realized that little voice inside us that prompts us to do good things comes from this Creator, it is that light of love inside each of us. I don't remember specifically being told this, more like I just knew it.

I came to a place, maybe a room maybe a space. I was shown my life. If it was my entire life. I do not remember all of it. The only part that I remember now was just the last week or so. Since I had given up on God. I saw how selfish I had been. I felt the pain I had caused one person in particular and it bothered me very much. The things I had the most guilt for was hurting other people, lying, not being sensitive to their feelings, just being selfish. The fact that I was a lesbian didn't even seem to matter then. That was surprising to me, given what I had been brought up to believe.

There was another room or area. It seems like there were others there, I sensed some were female, some male, but I can't say I recognized anyone.

I was shown a diagram. I could see that it represented choices. A choice led to other choices which lead to other choices. Basically, actions have consequences.

I began receiving "all knowledge," or at least that is what it felt like. They were there teaching me. This didn't come to me as words like you and I speak. More as complete thoughts. When I think, it is generally in words and pictures, this is how I received the information. As complete words and pictures in my mind. As I could form a question in my mind I had the answer. Not just the answer to that question, but the why and how and the answer to every other question that the answer would bring up.
EVERYTHING in the entire universe fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. EVERYTHING MADE SENSE.
I remember thinking, "I have to remember this."

I looked over to the right and in the distance I could see a beautiful valley with lots of people. There was someone looking out over all of it. I felt that it was Jesus. I then looked down and saw a line. My foot (Yes, I did have a spiritual "body" as did the others I encountered) was stepping over the line to go to be with the others.
Then I was told, "If you cross that line you can't go back, it would mean you would have to die."
Funny as it may sound, up to that point I didn't realize I would have to die or was about to die. It never occurred to me. I didn't realize that I was separate from my body even though I had seen it in the car. I felt complete. I remember laughing and thinking this isn't how I pictured death.

I said I wanted to stay. I was then told that the people I was with (in the car), as well as my mother, would not understand and it would hurt them deeply. I understood.

At some point I was shown a map and was told to leave and go to Virginia.

The angels were singing and it seems like I could see the clouds all lit up (it was nighttime).

The next thing I knew I as sitting in the back of the car. I could hear the most beautiful music.

I didn't tell anyone what had happened to me for a long time. I felt out of place the next several days. I wanted to go back. I knew instinctively that I could not do anything to bring that about though. I tried and tried to remember everything I learned when I was filled with knowledge but it isn't there.
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PostSubject: Re: Kerry Kirk's NDE   14/01/18, 11:32 pm

it happened to once before too. Nothing so vivid or colourful & certainly not something I can put into words. I totally understand the 'All Knowledge', the feeling of completeness, and the desire to go back
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Kerry Kirk's NDE
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