Why is Paul the Gentile’s Apostle and Not Peter?
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 Why is Paul the Gentile’s Apostle and Not Peter?

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PostSubject: Why is Paul the Gentile’s Apostle and Not Peter?   09/06/18, 11:12 am

Why is Paul the Gentile’s Apostle and Not Peter? - Ephesians 3

Why is Paul the Gentiles Apostle? - Quite simply because Jesus chose him specifically for this mission, whereas just before he was taken away for crucifixion and again before he ascended to Heaven he had given all other disciples, including Peter, specific instructions “not” to go to the Gentiles and only preach his teachings to the Jews.

Why was this?

This has to do with the Old Covenant/Testament with the Jews and the New Covenant/Testament with the whole world including the Jews.

Now here we have the three time lines.

1) Jesus before crucifixion
2) Jesus and the Disciples after crucifixion
3) Jesus sending Paul to the Heathens/Gentiles

Jesus Before Crucifixion

Prior to Jesus’ own water baptism in the Jordan River by John, he had grown up as a normal Jewish man, albeit pure and sinless.  As He was being baptised God appeared on earth in all three forms.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

As Jesus was raised from the water the Heavens opened and……..

Father: The Father could be heard to say "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased"

Son:  Jesus himself.

Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in the form of a dove.

Jesus’ Ministry On Earth.

Israel were God’s chosen people and as such had lived under Works and The Law since the laws were given to Moses as a way of salvation.  Whereas all Gentiles/Heathens lived outside of God’s laws worshiping their own Gods and practicing their own religious rituals.  In other words God didn’t concern himself with anything outside of Israel.

Over the many hundreds of years after Moses and the giving of The Law the Jews had become less concerned with God and more concerned with pride, status, money and power.

God came to earth in the human, bodily, form of Jesus to bring the Jews back to God and to bring in news of salvation and the Kingdom of God.

So basically the teachings of Christ were at that time purely for the Jews.  Any Gentile/Heathen at that time that listened to, and believed, those teachings had to convert to Judaism, be circumcised, and fully live under Jewish Laws.

Those Jews that believed the message and Christ, and any new heathen converts, were baptised with water to receive salvation.

Jesus After Resurrection and Before He Ascended

After His resurrection Jesus continued to walk on earth for 40 days.  During this time he was seen by many people on many occasions and at one point by a gathering of over 500 people.

It was during this 40 days that the Apostles received the Holy Spirit themselves and the abilities of healing, performing miracles and baptising with water, with instructions to spread the ministry to Jews on the streets and through the synagogues with specific instructions not to go to the heathens/gentiles.

Jesus Sending Paul to the Heathens/Gentiles

It was after Jesus had ascended to Heaven that Stephen was stoned to death by the Jews.  This was the Jews last chance to turn back to God and receive salvation through water baptism, and a guaranteed place for the whole nation in the new Heavenly Jerusalem and new earth as promised in the Old Testament.

Paul, previously known as Saul, was a Jew and a Pharisee but born a Roman Citizen.  After the death of Christ he had spent several years persecuting, rounding up and taking back to Rome for a death sentence all Christians, then known as Nazarenes.  It was at this point that all Christians went underground for fear of their lives.

Whilst travelling to Damascus with several companions and with a warrant to round up more “Nazarenes”, Jesus appeared to Paul surrounded by bright light.  Although his companions could see the blaze of white light they could not hear what was said.

It was here that Jesus gave Paul the Gospel (Good News) and the 7+ mysteries that we now know of in our New Testament Bible, with instructions to go to all of the Gentiles/Heathens to spread the Gospel.   At this point Paul was blinded, probably by the light or maybe deliberately by Jesus to convince him of who He was, and told him that when he reaches town He, Jesus, will send a man called Ananias to him.  Ananias did visit him and gave him back his sight.

The New Covenant/Testament

An Old Covenant can-not be broken and a New Covenant created until the death of whoever created the Covenant.  God had died on the cross in his earthly form, therefore the Old Covenant with the Jews was also dead and a new one could be created.

At this point the only man on earth that knew the New Covenant is Paul.  After a while of spreading the word he will meet up with the other Apostles and give them the Gospel (Good News) and the Mysteries, which they then also will start spreading abroad, mostly to the Jews, but also to anyone that would listen.  Peter himself will go with Paul on a couple of his journeys but Peter was never really comfortable with gentiles, prefering to spread the gospel to Jews.

Paul however had his specific instructions to concentrate on the Gentiles, and whilst out of politeness in the beginning he always visited the synagogues on first reaching any town to give them the Gospel first before going to the Gentiles,  He religiously concentrated the rest of his life to setting up, writing to, keeping in touch and visiting all churches of Christians.  All of which is recorded in the New Testament Bible.

The New Testament of the Bible is 2/3rds Paul’s writings and letters to and from the churches along with a lot of history of his travels, ship wrecks, time in prison etc.

What is the Gospel?

The Old Covenant which no longer exist, even for Jews, was for Jews alone and was for salvation by Works and The Law.  The New Covenant and guaranteed salvation is by Grace through Faith for all.

The Gospel (Good News) is that we can all be guaranteed to live forever.  How?  By trusting and having faith that Jesus is God and shed his blood for us to take away all of our sins, to make us pure enough to enter Heaven.

What is the Mystery?

The Mystery is, that by accepting that Jesus is God, that the blood of Christ wiped away our sins and He was resurrected from the dead, and believe it with all of our heart then we will be baptised with the Holy Spirit and our soul will be sealed by God.


The Baptism of Jesus - Matthew 3 13-17 (Also mentioned in Mark, Luke and John).
The Stoning of Stephen  - Acts 7: 54-60
Jesus Meeting Paul on the Road to Damascus/Blinded/Ananias - Acts 9: 1-22
The Gospel - Romans 10: 9-13 (repeated many times throughout the Bible)
Receiving the Holy Spirit (Born Again) - John 3:  3-7

I would recommend you also read the whole of The Book of Acts.  It really is the best of books to read.

Footnote:  A little added bit of information

An apostle is sent to deliver or spread those teachings to others. The word "apostle" has two meanings, the larger meaning of a messenger and the narrow meaning to denote the twelve people directly linked to Jesus Christ. We can say that all apostles were disciples but all disciples are not apostles.
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Why is Paul the Gentile’s Apostle and Not Peter?
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