Hello All! New person here
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 Hello All! New person here

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Name : Heather G
Location : Lynden,WA
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Birthday : 03 July 1990

PostSubject: Hello All! New person here   07/09/18, 05:37 pm


My name is Heather and I live in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) of Washington State, USA. You've guys must be pretty cool,as you all are a member of "Zan's Zone"! Wink I'm 28 years young,and enjoy the simple things in life- I love to learn new things too! For work, I do mortgages for a living at home in my office. My top goal,as of now,is to go to university in the UK. I'm not too sure what degree I want to go for, and if there are any suggestions of how I can figure that out, that would be so much help. After my studies, I would like to obtain dual citizenship for the USA and UK! I love God and the creations he has made, and I'm learning so much everyday from his word. Pleased to meet all of you, and I'm happy to be apart of Zan's Zone!! God bless and take care! flower
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Name : Sandy
Location : Dorset
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Birthday : 1st Nov

PostSubject: Re: Hello All! New person here   07/09/18, 05:58 pm

Hi Heather and a very warm welcome.  So nice to see you posting.

Feel free to come and go as you please.  A few members post regularly but others drop in as and when they take fancy to visit.

You will find everyone very friendly.


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Emerald Member
Emerald Member

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PostSubject: Re: Hello All! New person here   08/09/18, 11:22 am

Hi Heather. Nice to "meet" you. Why the UK for the degree and citizenship.
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Amethyst Member
Amethyst Member

Posts : 50
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PostSubject: Re: Hello All! New person here   11/09/18, 09:29 pm

it's a pleasure to meet you heather...looking forward to posting with you

i have been to the west coast, when i was nine, but it was the canadian side.....

i would love to go back one day though...

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Ruby Member
Ruby Member

Name : Martha
Location : Australia
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PostSubject: Re: Hello All! New person here   Yesterday at 11:42 pm

Hi heather and welcome to Zan's Zone Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Hello All! New person here   

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Hello All! New person here
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