End Times
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 End Times

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PostSubject: End Times   01/01/19, 03:45 pm

Many Christians have never picked up the Bible.  Many ministers and pastors don't teach or mention the Book of Revelations.  Yet this book has been written for this generation living now. 

Ministers and Pastors wont teach it because they fear it will lead to many deserting the churches.  Why?  Because the Book of Revelations gives prophesies direct to John the Apostle from Jesus Christ regarding His second coming and what to expect on this Earth before he arrives.

Many Christians when asked say they don't believe that Jesus was actually God in human form.  Others will say that they don't believe that Jesus was resurrected. 

Some Christians don't believe that God created the earth and all on it. 

Some believe Christ and God are one but believe in evolution, even though over these last few years proof that scientists and evolutionist have lied, faked their findings and are now admitting to the fact that their dating techniques are highly flawed and questionable.

Some believe in a gap theory whereby the earth is millions of years old but was destroyed until God recreated it 6000 years ago.  Believing this means that they can believe in both evolution and creation.

Yet, science is proving more and more Biblical fact and adding more and more questions to the science of evolution.

The one fact is, that the Bible is all total nonsense or it is all totally true.  There is no in between.

There are approximately 2500 prophesies in the Bible, over 2000 of which have already come true.  If you believe in a Heaven and forever afterlife, then you must believe that there is a Hell and an absolute death for some.  Do you want to take the risk that you wont live forever after your earthly body dies, or are you willing to read any following topic in this forum to decide for yourself once you are given any evidence?

Knowing where to start is hard because there is so much information and evidence to pass on.  As a Christian our instructions from Jesus Christ is be willing to give the information to all who wish to listen, then leave it up to them whether they actually want to listen, digest and then make their own minds up.  Meaning, be willing to tell of the Mysteries but not force them on anyone that doesn't want to know.

So this forum has been set up for anyone that wants to read, comment or ask questions.  My one regret is that I didn't find and accept Christ sooner, but with hind sight, and knowing what I know now, I know that he has been chasing me all of my life.

It's taken me three years of research, historically, geologically, and archaeologically, along with study of the Bible to bring me to where I am now, and the only way at this time in my life I can serve God is to use what I have learnt and this forum to pass on the knowledge I have up to this point attained.

Please feel free to ignore this forum if you wish.

Footnote:  Any videos that I post are purely for interest only and not necessarily what I myself, or all Christians believe.  But posted as a way to help start your own research if you desire.


"If I cannot do GREAT things, then I will do small things in a GREAT way" - Martin Luther King Jr
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End Times
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