Prophets Foretold the Birth of Jesus Christ
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 Prophets Foretold the Birth of Jesus Christ

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PostSubject: Prophets Foretold the Birth of Jesus Christ    01/01/19, 04:37 pm

The Old Testament is littered with the prophecies of the coming birth of Jesus Christ.

There are far too many for me to post in here, but below is a couple of Biblical references if you want to read them.

700 years before the birth of Christ Isaiah prophesied that a pure young woman would give birth to God's son.  Isaiah 7:14

He prophesied that Jesus would be known by many names. Isaiah 9:6

Micah prophesied that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem. Micah 5:2

Other prophesies of the Birth of Jesus.

His Mother's name.
That he would fall foul of the government.
The Messiah would come from the Tribe of Judah.
The Messiah would be of David's line.
Nations would seek the council of Jesse's descendant 

All this was fulfilled by the birth of Jesus.

If you have a short while to spend you might like to read The Book of Luke.  This particular book is commonly known as The Christmas Story because it actually tells the story that we all know and love as the Nativity.  The story that we tell very slightly deviates from the Bible, and it's interesting to spot where.

Taster of Posts to Come...

For the whole 3 hours that Jesus was on the cross the world was in darkness, and as he gasped his last breath there was an earthquake throughout the whole world.  Both of these events were recorded at the time in Chinese history.  At that time the Chinese had no idea of the Jewish Nation or of the prophesies of the coming Messiah.

Although the Book of Isaiah is part of the Old Testament (The Jew's Torah), this book is never read by Jews.  It is skipped over in the Synagogues, and the majority of jews consider it forbidden to read.


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Prophets Foretold the Birth of Jesus Christ
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