A Pair of 18th Century Pockets
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 A Pair of 18th Century Pockets

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A Pair of 18th Century Pockets Empty
PostSubject: A Pair of 18th Century Pockets   A Pair of 18th Century Pockets Icon_minitime06/02/19, 11:06 am

A Pair of 18th Century Pockets Image10

These are worn under the top skirt but above the underskirt.  Between the two of them they can hold as much comfortably as a medium sized handbag can without feeling any drag.

In one of them I carry my phone, keys, cash, hankie, mints, and a small note book, and in the other I tend to use it for Louie's treats and poo bags etc.

15ins long, 8ins at their widest part and 4ins at the top.


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A Pair of 18th Century Pockets
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