Should Donald Trump be Invited for a State Visit to the UK?
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 Should Donald Trump be Invited for a State Visit to the UK?

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PostShould Donald Trump be Invited for a State Visit to the UK?

My question is, why shouldn't he be invited for a State Visit as all other U.S. Presidents have been in the past.

Many may not agree with many of his policies, but then I haven't agreed with many of our own policies.  We have had many heads of state visiting us that actually totally ignore any form of human rights and democracy and we will continue to do so.  So it's ridiculous that the fact that Donald Trump has simply temporarily closed his doors to a handful of countries should affect him being invited for a state visit.

I do actually agree with him on this particular issue.  It is not Muslims he is stopping arriving on his shores, but those from countries where we all know terrorists and fanatics are actively seeking to infiltrate our own countries.  It just so happens that those countries are Islamic.  Muslims from other parts of the world are still welcome in America.

We British don't want terrorists and fanatics in our country, but due to being part of the E.U. we have no choice in the matter.

It's very hypocritical of some British people objecting to Donald Trump coming on a state visit when we have just voted to leave the E.U. in order to be able to pick and choose who we allow in.

What some don't seem to realise is that we are at war.  War calls for drastic measures.  Our top priority should be to protect our own.  During the world wars we didn't allow people from enemy nations to come over willy nilly and set up home.  In fact those that were already here were rounded up and put in camps for the duration.  Trump is simply enforcing a travel ban from those countries that at the moment are the most dangerous to American security.

On this issue I back him all the way.
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Should Donald Trump be Invited for a State Visit to the UK? :: Comments

Re: Should Donald Trump be Invited for a State Visit to the UK?
Post on 30/01/17, 11:56 pm by WILLIE........
ooooO! HeHe! I must put my six~pennyworth in here! Smile.

Well..of course the issue here is..Trump himself!
He has been analysed by professional people already..
He show signs of Mental Illness..including Malignant
Narcissism...And some have labelled him a Pyscho....!

This country..the UK..have already invited him, and
he has accepted..A big carpet..meeting the's a joke..and, yet again it shows how weak
this country is, in standing up for itself!
One million people have objected so far, will the PM
take any notice...of course not!

Finally! Mark my words..This president will be the next
president to be his own people! As was
Hiya Willie, Nice to see you here.

We have invited heads of state such as president Idi Amin who are far far more evil than ever Trump could be. I think it would be political suicide not to welcome him to this country.

What a lot of people also forget is that Obama banned citizens for 6 months coming from Iraq back in 2011. There was no hue and cry then.

This ban of Trump's is simply for 3 months I believe.

It's also none of our business that Trump has chosen to do this. I'm sure we wouldn't take kindly to America telling us what to do. Look how it put many of our backs up when Obama came over here and told us to stay in the E.U.

There is no way that the invitation should or will be recinded.
I think what makes Trump stand out like a sore thumb is the fact that that man just asks to not be liked because of the way he carries himself and the way he looks and speaks down on people.

Many people in the US are fed up with a lot of things and he just played into their cards very well. Time will tell I guess in how far he will succeed to actually make a difference.

I haven't paid too much attention to all of this political stuff here in Australia as I just got fed up with seeing all the Trump stuff in the media.
I think the issue a lot of people have with the invitation is the haste with which it was extended. No other president has been invited in the first year of office so I don't see why Donald Trump was. That's totally disregarding any opinion of the man himself I may have.
Hi Wendy, I'm so pleased to see you here.

I think the speed of it has simply been that she was the first Prime Minister to visit a new President so soon after his inauguration.

I don't know for certain, but I would imagine that when past Prime Ministers have paid their first state visit to the U.S. they too have reciprocated and asked the President for a return state visit.

I can also understand her speed at going over there, because trade deals take years, and the sooner she can set ideas and things in motion, the sooner after we brexit in 2 years time a trade deal can be in place.

The E.U. are going to make it as hard as they can for us to trade with them because they don't want to make it easy for us incase it encourages other countries to leave the E.U.   For many years most of our trade has had to be done with Europe and we really do need to get the lay of the land now with how other countries are going to deal with us when we become a seperate country.

It's obvious Theresa May is pandering to Trumps ego.  He loves the pomp and ceremony that Britain can lay on, and I think this is a good move on her part.

If an early state visit to us is going to help our country in the long run then I'm all for it.
I think he should be strung up by the balls. Smile

I didn't consider Theresa May's visit a state visit. An official visit maybe but doesn't a state visit refer to a visit by the Head of State? In our case the Queen or her representative if that's not possible. Usually Charles or William. I wouldn't object as much to him making an official visit but I think a state visit with all the pomp and ceremony that implies would be premature.

I'd also support Arizona's proposition.
You are probably correct.  I suppose it's only a state visit where there is a Royal Family I think.  I should have been saying official visit.

Although aren't Presidents still called Head of State?
lol! Zona and Wendy
My gut response is No, but in fairness as your P.M. has already been to the U.S. I would think it is the "polite" thing to do to reciprocate an invitation. My (Canadian) P.M. was just in D.C. to visit DJT at the White House...dunno if an invite to Canada was extended or not.
I'm not a fan of DJT...he is doing his best to alienate opinion...and his policies don't just affect the 50 States of the U.S. but all of the world.
I'm trying to keep an open mind and trying to have a wait-and-see's only one month into his Presidency...time will tell.
I totally agree with Sandy the first post on the subject  of the visit ! .. I am not British , or American , I am Canadian .
The Travel ban will filter out some of the Terrorists hopefully , and it's only for 3 month, everyone is over reacting to this ban   , and many many are confused  and  panicking  . They are making exceptions for some I believe .
I don't for one moment think they have been sending everyone back from those countries.  I think it's been a case of a lot more vetting as they enter, and if they haven't got a perfect reason for going to the USA at this time, then they are sent back.

I just think that Trump's term in office is going to be very interesting to watch.  Can he do any harm to the USA and/or the rest of the world?  I'm not totally sure of how their politics work but I get the idea that Congress can stop the majority of his wierd and wonderful schemes.
I remember reading that the Queen herself extended the invitation to D. Trump, and also read that she declined a visit from Obama .

I don't think the Queen invited him exactly.

On official state visits such as this is, it's the Prime Minister that does the inviting even though he/she will use the Queen's name on the invitation.  That doesn't mean a guaranteed meeting with the Queen though.  

Two things.  1) Usually the Queen does meet with any official that has been invited in her name. But,  2) It's more than possible that it wont be her on Donald Trump's visit.  Not because she would refuse but because she is getting so old now that she has passed the majority of her official engagments over to Prince Charles.  Although I don't doubt she will make an appearance at one of the dinners.

It seems at the moment that Prince Charles is doing a great deal of the home engagements, that the Queen would usually do, and Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are doing the ones abroad.

She wont pass the crown over to him and abdicate, but more and more he will be doing a King's duties if she lives as long as her Mother did.

The Queen did meet Obama and Michelle on their first state visit here in 2011 -


Should Donald Trump be Invited for a State Visit to the UK?

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