Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
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 Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal

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Name : Sandy
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PostReborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal

Many people haven’t a clue what a reborn doll is but those that do, either love them or hate them.  They either think they are great hobby or collection or they think that only sad, lonely or crazy people own them.  Feelings seem to be strong either side of the fence.

As a hobby, mostly women, but the occasional man, create them.   That is to say they will take an old doll or a doll kit and strip all the old paint off of an old doll’s face and completely repaint the doll to look as much like a real baby as possible. This is done by many layers of paint with each layer being fired in an oven before adding the next layer.

Then they will re-root the hair by taking off the old hair or glued on wig of the doll and add strand by strand either real or nylon hair by pushing the strands through the scalp with a small tool.  This can take many days/weeks to do.

To finish the doll off, a part material and part plastic body is created and clean artist sand or small glass beads are used to create the weight of a genuine baby.

These hand created dolls can cost many, many hundreds of pounds depending on how well they are made.

The collector side of Reborns speaks for itself.  Some women buy them to collect others will attempt to make their own.

Others will buy and own only one reborn doll for many different reasons.

For their beauty and appreciation of the craft.  For the joy of buying or making clothes for it and dressing it.  Or an older woman will have one because she misses holding and cuddling her babies that are now grown up.  Another may have lost a baby or unable to have babies and just want the joy of holding one.  The list goes on. 

Some women however go way overboard and spend a small fortune on clothes, cots, prams, car seats etc., as well as even taking their “Baby” with them wherever they go.  They will even sit them in a supermarket trolley in the seat for a baby.

Unfortunately when the media picked up on this new Reborn doll craze a few years ago, they deliberately sought out those that spent a fortune on either a collection of dolls or on buying baby equipment and clothes, and created documentary programmes on these women.   Because  of this people that own Reborns are often verbally abused and jeered at.  They are called crazy, and are told things like, go and work in a nursery, foster or adopt a child and so on.  But the favourite term for these women seems to be “Sick”.

What the media don’t show are alzheimer patients being calmed in hospitals and homes by holding one of those dolls.  Or of even professional women with high powered jobs finding that coming home and spending 20/30 minutes holding a Reborn relaxes them after a really stressful day.  They don’t show the women that enjoy the dressmaking or knitting for the dolls.

With all hobbies or collections there are those that will go way over the top in the money they spend, and will bankrupt themselves before giving up their passion. 

Often asked is, “why do grown women want to play with dolls” - But the question of “why do men want to play with toy trains” or “why do men want to play with toy sail boats”  Or “fly toy planes” is never asked.

I, myself have a doll.  I bought her because I love dressmaking and knitting which I hadn’t done since my daughter was very young.  Not having the space to dress-make large articles once day I had the idea of making dolls clothes.  It would be fun and very cheap and give me something to do in the winter when being stuck indoors more.

So I looked on the web for a doll that was a reasonable size to make reasonable sized clothes for.  Aiming to spend about £40 to £50 on one I searched on the web and by accident I came across articles about Reborn dolls.

I then spent hours on the web that day actively seeking them out.  I found them fascinating.  I even got as far as watching Youtube videos of them.  But there was no way I was going to spend a fortune on a doll just to make clothes for that I could become fed up with after a few weeks.

So back I went looking for a reasonable priced doll.  I then came across a site that sold what they called “So Truly Real” dolls.   These dolls were gorgeous.  Not quite as realistic as a Reborn doll but never the less a lot more realistic than a doll bought in a toy shop.  The prices I thought were very reasonable.  So I bought one for a few pennies over £100.  She came the size and weight of a premature baby, weight about 5lbs.

As I suspected the dressmaking and knitting for her didn’t last that long and she now lays in her box under my bed.  One day I might take her out again and get stuck into sewing and knitting once more.

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Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal :: Comments

Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 28/02/17, 12:49 am by Spherical
We've had similar reviews about those kind of dolls here to Sandy and just reading through your blog post made me think of another way to use these dolls.

Over here we have women groups; mostly from a society of crafters; that knit for premature babies etc. I see some of their posts at times where they ask for measurements; so these dolls would be perfect to have and to use for measurements of the garments they are creating!

I think using these dolls for people in nursing homes as a way to help them with their emotions, such as the Alzheimer patients for example, is a brilliant idea!
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 28/02/17, 07:48 am by Whisper
I have no problem with other people owning them for whatever reason but I personally find them a bit creepy. A bit too realistic for my liking.
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 28/02/17, 07:23 pm by Guest
That is a very realistic looking doll picture, she is beautifully dressed I must say . but it's not my kind of thing .I had all kinds of dolls   as a child , and loved  them . Its a good hobby for some one that is in to this sort of thing I guess .
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 01/03/17, 11:44 am by Zandranna
They also suggest having one for depression and/or stress as well Martha.  I've been trying to find the medical terms that causes our bodies to release calming agents but I can't find it at the moment.

I found the comments on this alzheimers site post interesting

Creepy is often a word used as well by many Wendy.  Some see them as looking at a dead baby for instance.

That dress in the photo Geru was in actual fact the first dress that my eldest Granddaughter ever wore.  Sarah had obviously got the layette ready for baby, but then she was suddenly rushed in 5 weeks early and Amiee was born prem at 5lbs 5oz.  So I popped down to the hospital shop and bought a small selection of prem clothes for her.  That dress was so pretty that when Sarah went to get rid of it a whle later with the other clothes Aimee had grown out of, I kept it.  It had been tucked at the bottom of my knicker drawer for 20 years when I remembered it when I bought the doll.

I wasn't sure when starting to make clothes for the doll if she would be a preemie size or a new born size, so I got the preemie dress out to test.  It looked so pretty that I had to take a photo of it.
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 03/03/17, 09:36 am by Arizona
I don't mind people making them or having them. And if it helps them to deal with the world, I'm happy of that.
Personally I find them mostly icky. But that is because I normally find real babies pretty icky too, hahahah. I hate when someone shows me baby pics cause I don't know what to say at all. Usually I just say "Oh how nice" or so. LOLOL. Once in a while I do see one that is really cute, but that is not often. I'm horrible I know, hahaha. But ummmm ewwwww! Once they get some hair I like them better.
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 03/03/17, 03:50 pm by Zandranna
I find most new babies ugly.  I rarely come across one that I think "He/She is so beautiful"

I"m not a baby person at all.  I usually start liking children when they get to about two.
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 03/03/17, 08:42 pm by Arizona
Me too! A lot of 2 year olds I find cute. But I am glad they are not mine LOLOL.
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 03/03/17, 09:00 pm by Zandranna
Haha.  I don't blame you. They are bloody hard work from birth to adulthood and thereafter.

One was enough for me.
Reborn Dolls
Post on 07/03/17, 05:01 pm by Dazzal.u
I had never heard of "Reborn Dolls" and I've had many, many dolls in my life. I inherited some of Mom's gorgeous dolls. I have them in a showcase. I personally think the "Reborn Dolls" are adorable. I wouldn't mind having one. I saw the doll on your profile, Sandy. Wink

My first post. How do you like dem apples? Laughing
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 07/03/17, 05:22 pm by Zandranna
I never liked dolls as a child.  I was more into the building and doing things where toys were concerned.

I do remember though that everything had to be taken apart to see how it worked and then I would put it back together again.

I took a doll's arms. legs and head off once to see how they could make them move as they did.  I was stunned to find that it was all done with thick elastic bands.  Mind you I'm going back 60 years now, lol.

The re-borns created by people with real talent are gorgeous, but of course expensive.  But there are many women (and men) out there that think they have talent and their dolls are just plain ugly.  And some of the dolls I have seen have awful hair.

Often you will get an artist that does the colouring of the skin and the one of her friends that would be very clever at rooting the hair will do that.  Those are the dolls that turn out special.

Well, your first post is very special because it's in my blog.
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 12/03/17, 05:14 pm by Elaine
These dolls are probably useful in Movies and TV
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 12/03/17, 09:58 pm by Sally
 I wrote a long post and my tablet died before i sent it.

anyway, pretty baby. and said, to each their own.

i have a raggedy Ann doll that a friend of mine made. it was her last one before her Alzheimers
got worse.
 i cherish her effort to make me this doll out of her friendship to me and the doll sits on a chair in my bedroom
Sandy take your baby out from under the bed and cherish her.
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 13/03/17, 11:07 am by Zandranna
Yes, the very expensive ones are used in the films and tele now Elaine.  Sometimes it's hard nowadays to tell if they are holding a real baby or a reborn doll.

Sally,  If I were to get my doll out at the times I didn't have knitting needles in my hands or a sewing machine out, my daughter would have me committed, lol.

It's so lovely that you have got a solid memory, by way of the doll, to remember your friend.  I remember making my girls a gonk each when they were young.  A gonk looks very much like a Humpty Dumpty but not so fat.

I used to do so much sewing years ago.  But since the invention of the computer I seem to be on this more than using my hands making things.

Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 13/03/17, 02:30 pm by Sally
I hear you about the computer. I try and stay away as much as possible.
And with bad eyes now it isn't so hard.
I wish I was good at making things by hand. I just never had the patience for it.

Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 27/03/17, 04:29 pm by Zandranna
I have the same trouble with my eyes and doing cross stitch now.  I always did cross stitch in the evenings at the same time as watching TV.  Now I simply can't see in artificial light to do it anymore.

I really miss it.
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 28/03/17, 04:30 am by Spherical
I admire anyone who is that talented and creates those beautiful items. I was never one for fiddly things but did a lot of knitting when the kids where little.
Even before I had kids actually as I would knit jumpers and cardigans and my mum would stitch it together for me and I would then donate it to the green cross.

Did a lot of sewing, again when the kids where younger, but these days with all the op shops it's not worth spending all that money just on the materials.
I still sew my own curtains and duvet or doona covers.

I hated having to do cross stitch Sandy but it was part of the schooling in those days lol.

Since the kids grew up I have taught myself graphic design and I love it Smile
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 28/03/17, 11:01 am by Zandranna
Anything with a needle was where my only talent lay. The rest of my family, including the extended ones were on the musical side. I never have been. I've tried, boy have I tried, but nope, music was not for me.

I also used to make lace with pillow and bobbins. Now that is back breaking and so time consuming. I still have all my bobbins, including all the very old antique Victorian ones that I collected. My aim in those days was to eventually have enough Victorian ones to be able to not have to bump them out with the modern ones.

My favourite piece of cross stitch is the one I created myself from an old tapestry pattern. That was hard getting that started because I had to work out myself what colours I wanted, how to reduce it in size and what stiching to use where. I wanted to make it all in the greys of London. It can be slightly seen on the back wall in one of the photos of my flat in my sleeping area.
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 14/04/17, 05:50 pm by FanOfDorks
My friend owns a couple but hers sit on a shelf in her room as ornaments.  She likes dolls of any kind.

I have told her the day she buys a pram and takes them out for walks I am disowning her.  She agrees with me lol.

Personally I dont like them their too real looking and dolls should not look real.
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 14/04/17, 06:44 pm by Zandranna
Yeah, I too think taking them out of the house is going a bit too far. Although it doesn't do any harm to anyone I suppose.
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 30/07/17, 09:21 pm by TaraLynn7
They look like dead babies waiting for a casket.  Years ago they were on Phil Donahue...yes way back Some of those woman were carrying them around with them.   They had grown children.   It's their life, I just don't understand it. 
Collecting dolls, laying them on the bed, that's OK.
Re: Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal
Post on 08/08/17, 10:14 am by Zandranna
I agree, many do look like dead babies.

I've started a new knitting project for mine, to keep me out of mischief and it's something I can do while watching tele at the same time.

I think what I will do, as and when I feel like it, is knit some pretty outfits because I enjoy the knitting and then sell them to reborn doll collectors on my Etsy shop.  Not to make money but because there are only so many outfits one can make and then keep.

Reborn Dolls - Crazy, Sick or Normal

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