Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place
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 Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place

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Name : Sandy
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PostBanning Sweet Treats from the Work Place

Can you believe that businesses are now being asked to ban all sweet treats from the work place.  Now I assume this is in any provided canteen or vending machine.

But where does it end?  Do they then ban any treats that are brought in by their workers.  Do they stop the tradition of bringing in cream cakes on someones birthday.

Everything now has to be non or low sugar.  The sugar is replaced by artificial sweetners which several years ago we were told by the health authority causes a higher risk to cancer.  Who or what do we believe?  Personally I can't touch anything with artificial sweetner in as I am sensitive to it, as many people are that suffer from IBS.  In my area I find it hard now to find soft drinks that haven't got artificial sweetner in so I can't have them.

Although common sense tells us that too much sugar isn't good for us banning foods is not the answer.  Advice is fine, but we don't need treating like children with government interference.

Will banning sweet foods in the work place really stop people eating them?  I don't think so.

This country is getting very close to the Film Demolition Man.  A film set in the future with everything bad for us banned, such and sugar, salt, tobacco, and even bodily fluids.

It's all so ridiculous.
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Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place :: Comments

Re: Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place
Post on 01/02/17, 04:46 pm by Spherical
It's like this here too now Sandy and as with all things health related; education is the key ... not banning ... that only causes people to revolt against it all.

Another thought that just popped in my head was the one I grew up with .. everything in moderation!

Artificial sweeteners are pure poison and white sugar is very bad. But there are other options and a little raw sugar is not bad at all.

The foods we buy out these days are so bad as half the ingredients are artificial or modified foods or staples and I guess having those pushed down our throats sure does one thing; it will keep the pharmaceutical companies alive and make them very very rich!

We pay a small fortune these days for natural foods ... and how sad is that. Back in the day all foods where natural so what does that say?

Re: Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place
Post on 01/02/17, 06:02 pm by Arizona
While I do think those foods are bad for us, I don't think they should be banned. I like to decide for myself. And I am also a stubborn pita lolol. If I worked somewhere and they banned me from eating something I would go home and eat 10 of them. Smile
Re: Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place
Post on 25/02/17, 10:26 pm by Guest
smoking was banned first from the work place , and why ?  yes it's not good for us, but mostly because of second hand smoke the none smokers would be subjected to inhale , they complained  and complained ,  so .... they got their way in the end, because the Employer was fed up hearing the complaining .
I bet it's the same with the sweets , some are dieting , some are diabetics , and ... it's not supposed to be good for us , but .... there you go.... same reason I bet . Laughing
Re: Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place
Post on 26/02/17, 01:06 am by Zandranna

Hilariously enough.  Because I have lost so much weight in the last 12 months due to illness, and up until about three weeks ago I was in the danger zone of being under weight (95lbs).  My Doctor's exact words were eat everything that we usually tell you not to until you start gaining weight again.

The list was full fat everything, chocolate, cook with lard, cakes, biscuits and so on.  I've now put on 4lbs in 4 weeks.

So sweet stuff is only bad for us if it causes us to be over weight.  If one can maintain a healthy weight all the time they are eating sweet stuff then I honestly think no one has the right to force us to stop.

Punishing everyone for the mistakes of the few is wrong.

It's like salt.  If I don't get enough salt my blood pressure goes down far too low.  They demanded salt was removed from foods because of giving people high blood pressure instead of Doctors taking the time to advise their patients with high blood pressure to avoid salty foods.  How many of those people are scoffing high salted snacks and it's not the salt added to foods in general that causes their problem.

Poole hospital refuse to give out little salt sachets and sugar with cereals etc. to patients.  I think that's shocking.  In Bournemouth hospital where I have been in and of these last months, they give you what you want.  Some sanctimonious he or she decided to take it on their own back to stop the salt and sugar in Poole.  I mean,  how dare they.

As for the strict smoking ban, that's ridiculous too.  What they should have done was made it law for pubs, cafes and restaurants to put a notice outside to say it was a smoking establishment.  Then people would have had the choice to go in or not.

Same with the work place.  Originally in my place of work there were two staff rooms.  Male and Female.  Prior to the smoking ban one member of staff complained about the smoke in the staff rooms, so I asked the staff if they would prefer to have the staff rooms smoking and non smoking instead.  

I arranged for the supervisors to organise a vote from the staff.  They all voted to have it smoking and non smoking because all, both male and female, always used to be mixed in only one of the staff rooms anyway.  

So I turned them into smoking and non-smoking.  I went up their shortly after for a spot check and bugger me if the smoking room wasn't chock a block with all the staff then off duty.  Smokers and non smokers alike and the non smoking room was completely empty of staff.

Re: Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place
Post on 26/02/17, 03:32 am by Spherical
Yes Sandy it's the same thing here in hospitals and the food is so bad, tasting wise, that a lot of patients get their visitors to bring them in something to eat. So there goes that dietary control hahaha.

The thing is, and I keep saying this and have so for many years; if you do everything in moderation and eat and exercise in a balanced way then in general one can eat anything one wants.
I have always been slim and ate whatever I fancied! Yes I have always been on the go too and not one to sit still for long.

Now with the menopause years and the hormonal changes that come with it; I do have to be a little more careful. But again that is on me to monitor and control and adjust my eating habits and/ or my exercises accordingly.

I think overall the problem is that a lot of people just go to their doctor  because they expect the doctor to fix them being overweight with pills, surgery and the likes. Those people know deep down that their lifestyle and habits is what made them become overweight. Yet they are looking for a quick fix and that I'm afraid, comes with a lot of side effects.

Of course there is also those that have a serious - or an immune problem or a genetic disorder that does require medical help. But you get my gist with the above.
Re: Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place
Post on 30/04/17, 11:47 pm by Dazzal
I feel moderation is the key, too. People at the work place will still find ways to sneak sweets into where they work. If they have to eat them in the bathroom stalls, they will! tongue
Re: Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place
Post on 01/05/17, 12:54 am by Zandranna
A little of what ya fancy does ya good, as the song goes.

Re: Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place
Post on 01/05/17, 01:19 am by Dazzal
Now that goes way back. Love it!  tongue
Re: Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place
Post on 01/05/17, 01:29 am by Zandranna
I'm a great fan of the old music hall.  It's such a shame that the sound of the old records don't sound so good now.

I took my eldest Granddaughter to a music hall evening when she was 5 years old.  She was amazing.  It was audience participation and she sang along with every song and knew all the words.  I hadn't realised just how many of those songs I had sung to her when she was little.

The people that were sitting near us remarked how brilliant she was for such a little one.

But in the intermission I had to laugh.  I took Aimee out for an ice cream and I had a cup of tea.  As we were standing there she looked around at everyone else standing with their drinks and said to me all happy and excited "there's a lot of Nannys and Grandads here isn't there?".  Which it was because it wasn't the sort of evening that younger people went to.  Aimee was the only child there as well.
Re: Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place
Post on 11/05/17, 08:19 pm by Lovely
I only eat anything with full milk in it and regular sugar as anything else makes me sick. My stomach isn't use to this trash they are putting out now. I barely get away with 2% milk and skim milk. I really have to be careful. My Grandmas was the same way. So when i go to the store i have to watch buying the gluten free crap,no starch,fat free or diet free stuff.
Re: Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place
Post on 24/05/17, 03:55 am by Zandranna
I want to also completely cut out everything that has all the sweetners in.  I am certain that that is going a fair way to cause my stomach problems.
Re: Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place
Post on 24/06/17, 12:08 am by Beckea
That is what they should do in the US.

Banning Sweet Treats from the Work Place

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