Html & Css Access in the Settings
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 Html & Css Access in the Settings

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PostSubject: Html & Css Access in the Settings   06/03/17, 10:20 am

For Css access.

Go to .........  Display - Colors - Css Style Sheet.

By clicking the above via the sidebar you will be affecting the active skin.

Temporary Skins

When creating a temporary skin you will see along the top of the skin you are working on the tabs "Colours" & "Css Style Sheet".

As you work on the temporary skin via these tabs you will not affect your active skin.

For Html access

This is far more complicated but if you make a mistake you can reset it.

Go to....  Display - Templates

You will see a list of various pages for access to those pages html.  For now we will just concentrate on "General".

You will see a list of area's that affect the board as a whole.

1)  Click to edit whichever area you want to access.

2)  Change the coding.

3)  Click "Save"

On saving you will not affect your board until you have also clicked to publish.

4)  Once you have saved you will taken to the list of areas.

5)  Scroll down until you come to the area you have changed and saved.

6)  Here you will see a row of mini buttons........

a)  The red "Waiting" means that it's waiting for you to publish.

b)  The square box with the arrow is a preview button.  Click this and a new window will open to show you what your board will look like after publishing.

c)  The green tick is the publish button.  Click this when you are happy with your changes

d)  The next square black and white button you click if you want to save that template to your computer.

e)  The yellow cog is the edit button.

f)   The red X -  This deletes any changes you have made and puts the template back to it's original coding.

On clicking the red X you will be asked if you are certain you want to delete your template.  Don't worry thinking it will delete the whole template.  It wont.  It will only delete your changes you have made.
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Html & Css Access in the Settings
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