Noah With Russel Crowe
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 Noah With Russel Crowe

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PostSubject: Noah With Russel Crowe   Noah With Russel Crowe Icon_minitime07/01/19, 11:42 am

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I have finally got around to watching the now not so new film of Noah starring Russel Crowe.

It's had some really bad write ups from Christians and I have been meaning to watch it for ages, but waiting for someone to watch it with.  I then forgot I hadn't seen it, but scrolling through Netflix last night I came across it.

I thought it was very well made.  They used quite a bit of poetic licence with the meat of the story so I suppose Christians that went in with the expectation of seeing it more accurate Biblically would pick holes with it.  They of course, as is normal with Hollywood, had to give a hint of evolution when showing the very short creation of the world scene, but that was done very subtly and did not detract from God actually being the Creator. 

The way they portrayed the falling away from the Creator of Cain's line I thought was very cleaver.  The sin of killing and eating meat prior to God giving permission for after the flood was something I had ever thought about happening, but seeing it in the movie like that made me think that possibly that did happen.

The scenes of Cain's line were very barbaric but not much beyond what is happening in many places in the world today and funnily enough I can see it happening in our near future.  And the Bible does warn that our End Time will be "As in the days of Noah".

The portrayal of the Watcher Angels I know annoyed many Christians as it's pure imagination with no pretense at even coming close to Biblical scripture, but I can see why they did it.  It stressed how the Watchers were harshly punished by God for their part in man's downfall and sin but allowed them to be a part, in the film, of helping Noah build the Ark as written in the Book of Enoch.  

All in all I'd say it is a great film for all and well worth watching.


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Noah With Russel Crowe
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