From Tricycle to Mobility Scooter - Monday, October 1, 2018
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 From Tricycle to Mobility Scooter - Monday, October 1, 2018

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From Tricycle to Mobility Scooter - Monday, October 1, 2018 Empty
PostSubject: From Tricycle to Mobility Scooter - Monday, October 1, 2018   From Tricycle to Mobility Scooter - Monday, October 1, 2018 Icon_minitime07/02/19, 01:21 pm

From Tricycle to Mobility Scooter, that is the question.

10 Years ago on becoming 60 years old I decided that I would treat myself to a tricycle to use as my only means of personal transport.

You might ask why a tricycle and not a bicycle.  I had never in all my life ever learnt to ride a two wheeler.  I could manage to stay upright on one if I really had to, but my lack of confidence to not only tackle balancing one safely but also balancing in one in today's busy and fast traffic. 

I chose to buy an electric tricycle at that time for two reasons.  One, it was on sale for half price, and two, I was living in a town that was all hills.  In fact it was seeing that tricycle in the bicycle shop window day after day, when passing by, that put into my head that I really, really wanted a tricycle.

I loved having a trike as an only means of transport.  The only cost was a yearly service which cost pennies, and I was keeping fit at the same time.  There was a large basket on the back for my little dog or for shopping, and I was able to get from A to B without buses or walking, as I had done all my life due to never wanting to learn to drive.

After two or three years, and having moved to not only a new town but a new county, I swapped that electric trike in for a brand new manual trike.  My new area was fairly flat and the occasional hill wasn't nearly as steep as where I previously lived.

Very easy to manage until one day as I was rushing fast towards 70, I started to find a couple of hills in my immediate area particularly hard going along with my arthritis in my hip and feet getting worse.   Luckily it was time for me to fancy buying myself yet another new model of trike.

So 3 years ago my third and last trike was once again electric.  Unfortunately less than a year after buying her I fell ill.  I spent the following 2 years in and out of hospital and when not in hospital I was mostly bed ridden or at least house bound.

On making a full recovery, or as much as I will ever recover now, I dusted off my trusty tricycle that now still looks brand new, having hardly been used and left all alone in my Daughter's garage for all of those months.   I then set about making a couple of short journeys to slowly build my strength and stamina up.

It didn't take many outings to make me realise that due to all of the surgeries I had been through during that 2 years that my insides were never going to be comfortable sitting on a saddle again.  Not only that but being so uncomfortable riding again I had lost all of my confidence to be a safe rider.

However at that point I was still determined that I wasn't going to stop riding because it was after all my only means of personal transport and giving me an independence from continually calling on my Daughter and Granddaughters to act as my taxi, as they had been this last couple of years by ferrying me to and fro hospital, doctors, dentist and all other appointments I have had to get to.

It was mentioning my recent experience and problems of getting on the trike again to a friend that he suggested I swap my trike for a mobility scooter.

My first thoughts on this was,  a mobility scooter is limited to a maximum of 8mph, along with one not actually allowing me to have any exercise as I was travelling.  However, after some thought, and a discussion with one of my Granddaughters I am coming to the conclusion that I wouldn't be giving up much at this stage in my life by swapping from trike to scooter.

I had noticed on my new travels out on my trike I was barely using the pedals and instead relying mostly on the throttle, along with riding at a much lower speed than I used to anyway, due to the discomfort I was experiencing with my innards from my surgeries.  On testing my speed on the trike by using an app on my iPhone, I discovered that I wasn't actually cycling much faster on average than 8 - 9 mph anyway.

As I am now going to reach my 70th birthday next month I can see myself starting to use the throttle more and more and using the pedals less and less.  So now I'm thinking, do I want to force myself to ride an uncomfortable ride simply to ride a trike rather than ride a mobility scooter.

After researching on line the prices of 2nd hand mobility scooters, I am now working out if I could afford to go from trike to scooter by checking my bank account, and figuring out how much I could sell my trike for to see if I could get together enough money to make the swap if I decided to do so.


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From Tricycle to Mobility Scooter - Monday, October 1, 2018
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