Testing the Battery - Friday, October 19, 2018
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 Testing the Battery - Friday, October 19, 2018

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Testing the Battery - Friday, October 19, 2018 Empty
PostSubject: Testing the Battery - Friday, October 19, 2018   Testing the Battery - Friday, October 19, 2018 Icon_minitime07/02/19, 01:48 pm

Gorgeous day today.  I had to wait in for a delivery of a table/desk today, and as soon as that arrived I intended for Louie and I to take a ride out on the scooter. 

I'm also expecting a few bits to arrive for the scooter too.  A rear view mirror (to make it road legal) and a couple of bits for rainy days.  The rain cover I ordered for it came today.  Rain cover as in it covers both myself and scooter for going out in heavy rain and the cover for just the just the handle bars to protect the electrics in a shower also arrived.

I sent off the tax registration form, but the form is so complicated to fill in just for mobility scooters that it could be sent back to me as incomplete.

It's the same form that one fills in for cars, passenger, and all other vehicles.  One has to go through everything filling in only what applied to ones own vehicle leaving everything else blank.  I have no bloody idea what applied to just M. scooters.

Margaret along the corridor has never registered hers.  She had no idea you had to.  So her and I discuss what we each thought had to be filled in and she sent one off too.  You would think that for mobility scooters that simply go no faster than 8mph they would have by now produced a separate form for.  When you think how old a lot of people are that are filling them in.  I'm sure most of them have to get help with it.  When you buy a brand new one, the shop fills the first one in for you, but if your first is 2nd hand then you have no bloody idea what details they want and what they don't.

Still, if they send it back demanding more details, I will know next time what's needed.  You still have to apply for tax every year the same as for cars etc.  In the meantime, it's really only legal for pavements at 4mph. 

Louie and I had our little ride out on the scooter late morning.  We went a little further today.  I'm still testing the distance those batteries will take me before attempting the trip to my Sister's or into Christchurch.   Both are more or less the same distance away from me.  New Milton is a little nearer, so I might do that first before Burton or Christchurch.  I do not want to get stuck miles from home and find the battery dead.

I then spent a couple of hours outside, washing, disinfecting, and oiling moving parts of the scooter, along with chatting to several of the neighbours that stopped to check out my new, "FREE" transport.  At one point there were 3 scooters and 5 neighbours outside with me.   The chap from upstairs went over and brought his really large one over from the scooter sheds and I had a go on it.  My word it's got some welly.  It did cost him £4500 though so one would expect it to have some welly.  I have just got to save up for one as good as that.

My scooter came up really lovely with all the spit and polish I gave it and one would never guess it was so old.

Louie and I did another run out on it in the afternoon, this time along the cliff tops.  I also tested him running along side it.  He really loves it.  I must sort out a better way for him to travel on it though rather than him sitting on my lap.


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Testing the Battery - Friday, October 19, 2018
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