How Do I Join a Group?
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 How Do I Join a Group?

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How Do I Join a Group? Empty
PostSubject: How Do I Join a Group?   How Do I Join a Group? Icon_minitime04/03/17, 12:16 am

After you have made 10 posts and it's known you intend to be an active member, you will be put into a group.

This is for any future game we might play that allows whoever wins to not only gain points for themselves but for each member of their group.

The group you will be put in will be in the order of which group needs an extra member when you reach your 10 posts.

You will know which group you are in and your fellow group members by the colour of your's and their username.

You can see who is in your group by clicking on "Memberlist" at the top of the board and seeing who is the same colour as you.

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How Do I Join a Group?
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